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Boba Fett did a pretty good job as a bounty hunter, but have you ever wondered what they’d call him if he did any other number of things? Too bad! We’re gonna rattle off a big list anyway!

If he were a podiatrist, he’d be Boba Feet!

If he were a caterer, he’d be Boba Fête!

If he were a frat guy, he’d be Broba Fett!

If he worried a whole lot, he’d be Boba Fret!

If he were a vagabond, he’d be Hobo Fett

If he were a snake, he’d be Cobra Fett!

If he ran a health food store, he’d be Ginko Biloba Fett

If he were an oil, he’d be Jojoba Fett!

If he were a mammary gland, he’d be Booba Fett!

If we sold him on Woot, he’d be Roomba Fett!

If he were a Swedish car, he’d be Volvo Fett!

If he were a UX designer, he’d be Scrollbar Fett!

If you slept on him, he’d be Pillowba Fett!

If he were a gummy bear, he’d be Hariboba Fett!

If he were an OB/GYN, he’d be Vulva Fett!

If he neutered animals, he’d be Boba Vet!

If he were a tapioca ball, he’d be … well, Boba Fett.

If he were an average American, he’d be Boba Debt!

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