Monday, January 26

Derby #408: Grammar

by wootbot

You know what we like to say: Nothing's as gratifying as the adrenaline rush associated with grammatical pedantry. Take a break from saving lives and design a grammary shirt. USAGE BE DAMNED.

No creme tees about.

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Thursday, January 22


Monday, January 19

Derby #406: Rebel Rebel

by wootbot

Design a rebellious tee. Maybe it'll feature the UNLV mascot riding a motorcycle while smoking a cigarette and taking a stand against some kind of oppressor.

-No creme tees

-Probably don't actually do that thing we just described

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Thursday, January 15

Derby #405: Travel Totes

by wootbot

Design a tote for traveling. Could be a design honoring your favorite (or least favorite) destination, the bag you take with you on a plane, train, or automobile trip cross-country, whatever. Just follow these rules:




Maximum Print Size: 8.5" x 12"

Only Black, Natural, Navy, and Red totes allowed.

Also! Check out the "Rebel Rebel" Derby launching Monday at Noon and submit your most rebelious, hell-raising tees. But no Creme tees allowed, because that's for squares. 

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Wednesday, January 14


Monday, January 12