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I have both Angry Day and Amateur Night. I didn't notice until today when I was washing them that Angry Day is about a hem length longer then Amateur Night. I just recently got Angry Day so my question is, after the first washing/drying to the shirts continue to shrink a little? I prefer the fit of Angry Day over Amateur night (that extra 3/4 inch is really nice for me. I will compare the lengths to the other Woot! shirts I have but I does anyone else have experience with this?

I wear a WM if that helps.


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My shirts haven't really shrunken after washing so far, but I've been using low heat drying so maybe that helps. I have noticed one my shirts had a tighter fit to it from the start than the others though.

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I don't have length issues, I have overall size difference issues. I usually order a WXL beause of chest size issues and after washing them they fit nice. I got the last grey one and it was HUGE. I also ordered the taco one for my friend in WXL and it seemed larger also. I have no idea what to order now and its unfortunate because I like the designs but I don't wanna waste 10 bucks on a shirt that I WON'T WEAR and CAN'T RETURN.

Woot, please address this! How can you offer inconsistently sized shirts with your "return policy"?????


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Cold water and low heat is what I use normally so I'm a little baffled.


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I always order ML and wash them warm with med setting on the dryer. However, I have several different sizes though each has a ML label. I just don't expect them to be accurate at this point, which is why I buy ML--never too tight on the chest.