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Love it! Cute and clever shirt- finally, something appropriate and fun for any age to wear! That creepy person who made up other lyrics for the song needs to find another hobby, and fast!


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kibitzor wrote:
For those of you with bad memories:

You forgot:

The wipers on the bus go
swish swish swish,


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The shirt printed very well!



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I may have been sold solely by the thanatos reference.

love peace


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ShayanThePersian wrote:Am I the only one who doesn't want to buy this?



Nope...nope, and nope.


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I absolutely love this shirt! It's great when working around kids. It's always funny, since anyone age 8 and under figures out the shirt in a second, but it tends to take the adults several minutes. If nothing else, buy this shirt to confuse adults!


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the way we sang it was:

the wipers on the bus go
(it fits better with the last image)

And I agree with the "babies" verse, but I don't understand the image (bottom left). Can someone explain that one?


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ha! Obviously you don't have little kids!

bottom row:
The baby on the bus goes waah, waah, waah...
The parents on the bus go sush, sush, sush
The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish...

stormbreakerster wrote:Dearest fellow wooters, kindly explain the bottom row of the shirt (or rather, all of them) - for I do not comprehend its complex structure.