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Here's what we saw in our most recent glance around the t-shirt-osphere:

Shirt designer Kari Fry shows you how to turn a t-shirt shirt into hangable art. If, like us, you have more t-shirts than you can possibly fit into your closet, Miss Kari has a helpful tutorial that'll have you decking out your home in style. As long as you choose shirts you haven't covered in a layer of spaghetti sauce, that is.
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We helped sponsor an episode of Put This On, from one of the greatest blogs teaching men how to make themselves presentable (pictured below). Check it out if you've ever wanted to replicate a barber-smooth shave at home or learn the secret to getting yellow stains out of your shirts' armpits.

Our friends over at Best Losers picked their favorite loveable losers from our most recent Derby. They always have an eye for the the great artwork that slips through the cracks in the cutthroat world of the Derby. What do you think about their faves from Derby #186: Oddball?

We were saddened by the news that Emptees will be shutting down on March 1st. Emptees has always been a great resource for us and for our designers. It's been the home of many of our greatest discoveries. We wish the Big Cartel folks the best of luck in their future ventures, and can't help but wonder what the next great portfolio site will be. Some say Band Job will pick up the slack. Artists, wherever you're relocating, let us know.



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Mintees.com will be taking up the Emptees reins. They've made it easy to transfer your account from Emptees over to Mintees below.



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Great info here, Wootbot, and thanks for the hot tip, Bass!


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Thanks for the mention, Woot!


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I think I'm very sad that something like Put This On is necessary. And REALLY glad I'm already married.