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The appropriate method for folding and storing your t-shirts is a deeply personal, highly sensitive subject. Forget politics or religion, if you really want to get a hot debate going, ask someone where they keep their t-shirts. On hangers in a closet? Folded in a dresser drawer? Wadded up under the bed? Each method has its devotees, who will champion their noble cause under the most dire of circumstances. This blog post is not for them.

This post is for the folks who are open to new ideas in the wild world of t-shirt storage. Let’s start with folding. By now, you’ve probably already heard about the super fast Japanese t-shirt folding trick. Another extremely quick option is the t-shirt folding machine, which is sort of like what we use in our warehouse (warning: that link goes to a hilarious infomercial). If you’re crafty, you can follow some pretty simple instructions to make your own t-shirt folder. If you’re really crafty, you can make a robot do all the work.

Once you’ve tackled the task of folding a massive pile of t-shirts, where do you put them? Those of us with limited closet space often opt for the drawer, but this can be annoying when you have to dig through a pile of shirts to get to the one you want. Earlier this year Apartment Therapy posted about filing t-shirts in a drawer to keep them organized. We think it’s a pretty nifty technique if you’ve got enough shirts to fill the space. If you’re really short on space, you could try rolling your t-shirts, like you would to pack them in a suitcase. Standing on end, they’d look pretty cool, and it’s the best way to maximize your available storage.

So where do you keep your t-shirts? Do you do any fancy folding or have a creative storage idea to share?

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I love the Stanford guy's folding robot, I'm totally gonna build one if I ever buy a house. (If that ever happens)


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Just last Sunday I finally organized ALL of my tshirts in the built in shelves of our master bedroom:

And here I thought I was special by coming up with a unique way to organize my shirts!


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I've developed my own version of the Japanese folding trick that I find much simpler, since it doesn't require you to have a flat surface to stretch the shirt out on. Basically, you start out holding the shirt at the collar and hemline, along the same fold-line that the Japanese trick uses (you just extend the line down to the hem rather than grabbing in the middle of the shirt.) At this point if you bring your hands together and then grab at the center fold point, your shirt will match up with the second step of the Japanese method, and it's fairly simple to complete the process even without a surface to lay the shirt on. Works great for folding a shirt you just pulled off a hanger in the closet.


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No fancy folding here (though lately I've just been too lazy [also, a college student lol] to fold them at all and they've been sitting in my laundry basket with all my other clean clothes). I think I'm going to have to make one of those folding machines, though. I wonder if my epic woot box of epicness (that I got my woot calendar in) will be big enough for the machine. Also, having limited closet space (and few hangers) I just stuff mine (with love, of course) in my dresser.

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I hadn't seen that apartment therapy article before, but that's essentially what I do with mine. I use that Japanese folding trick to fold them all real quick after they come out of the dryer, and then I "file" them away in my drawer. the filing bit is great; I can see enough of the color/graphic of the shirt to quickly find the one I want, and I can pull it out without messing up anything else in the drawer.


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jamahu, I also do a variation of the standing Japanese fold, but haven't spent the time to clean out the t-shirt drawers (there are many) to convert to the filing system. There is rain forecast for the weekend, so maybe that project will get tackled soon.

eggo357, that photo is inspiring! I like the bins of t-shirts idea.


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My t-shirts are in an ungainly pile that developed faster than I could manage. I just kind of reach in and pull one out now. This weekend I'm investing in a few dozen hangers so I can keep 'em neat and get back some space.


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Never heard of the Japanese folding technique or the drawer filing. Very cool! (Right now my shirts are just stacked in my dresser in several stacks, in no particular order)


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While I have no idea if this is actually a reference to the great show "Mad Men", I'm going to assume it is and give props to Woot! for it!

Just pulled my season one DVD out to rewatch and the episode I just got done watching ended with "Gimme that old-time religion" blasting over the credits.

Had to take it as more than a coincidence... even if that's all it is. ;)

Haven't seen any Mad Men shirts around since I've joined the t-shirt world... would love a well designed one!


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I hang my shirts...but my favorites are hung on the wall, just with a black hanger and a small command strip hook. It's like evolving art: I can take one down when I want to wear it, and replace it with something else. I have 52 shirts, I should see them more!


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Just converted my shirt drawer to the filing system. Woot shirts on the left and other not as great tee's and other shirts on the right. I did run out of room on the right so I had to move a couple of the non tee shirts to the Woot shirt side.

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I have many, many t-shirts and have had many attempts at keeping them all organized.

1. Just folded and stuffed in drawers. Didn't work well because I don't have that much room in my drawers with all my other stuff plus it got messy very easily as I went digging for a specific shirt.

2. Made my own flip-fold thing from cardboard and placed my neatly pressed folds in stacks on shelves in my closet. Didn't last long either.

3. Rolled and put in those hanging closet organizers. Meh. Bad idea, hard to find the shirt I wanted without making a mess of things.

4. THE WINNER: I bought a lot of about 125 hangers on eBay and all my shirts are now hanging by color on a portable wardrobe rack near my bed. Easy to find a shirt without messing up the rest. Looks cool/colorful. Keeps them from being wrinkled. I was worried about getting those "hanger nipples" at the shoulders but hasn't happened. Now if I could only organize the rest of my life so easily.


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thewronggrape wrote:I was worried about getting those "hanger nipples" at the shoulders but hasn't happened. Now if I could only organize the rest of my life so easily.

It wouldn't work as well with a printed shirt, because you couldn't see the design, *but* if the dimples ever get to be a real problem, you can try hanging your shirts inside out. I'm small, so hangers stretch everything, but this keeps my shirts dimple free.

I also fold my t-shirts, but hang my other shirts. Am I the only one?


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My friends are usually puzzled by the way I fold my t-shirts, and it took a while to pick one system to work with (to the annoyance of my mother when I lived at home).

This can be done out flat or balanced on the front of your body. Take the neck of the shirt and match it with the bottom hem, graphic side out. Fold the sleeves onto the side with the lower half of the shirt. Fold it in half again so the neckline fourth is on top. Fold the sides in to meet at the middle, then fold where they meet. It is essentially folding in fourths.

They get filed into a drawer, with all my woot shirts and other girly-fit tees. I have another drawer for my normal fit tees, but the last two steps change to thirds instead of fourths. I don't wear these as often and they are more easy to distinguish than the woot tees.

That's my strange way of folding tees. I find it really fast and easy to do that way, and really only works if you "file" the drawer, not stack (unless you do the one with thirds)

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