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Here’s what we saw in our most recent glance around the t-shirt-osphere:

When we were first introduced to augmented reality, we had a hard time figuring out how much use a holographic Will.I.Am or faux 3D pie chart would be in our everyday lives. But put it on a t-shirt? SOLD. Researchers at Cambridge University developed a new interactive app called Popcode and one of the coolest ways to use it is on t-shirts. Fast Company has a round up of some of the interesting projects that have already come out: a robot shirt with working “gears” and an interactive puzzle shirt.




The clever fellows behind the FauvelKhan design firm have come up with another way to play with your shirt. Well, on your shirt, really. They received the “bootstrap” award at this year’s SXSW for their interactive AiR Guitar t-shirt. The shirt lets you use your webcam to visit their site and rock out (virtually). It’s like Rock Band, but without all the annoying buttons! (via BBC News)

Think fake rock is lame, but tiny toy guitars are boss? ThinkGeek has you covered. Famous for turning their genius April Fool’s Day jokes into actual products, they’ve got a shirt guaranteed* to turn you into a miniature Springsteen or Van Halen. Their Electronic Rock guitar T-Shirt comes with fully playable guitar built in and an itty-bitty amp. Never ones to miss a joke, yes, it goes to 11. (Snarky Blogger's Note: If Barbara ever made it over to the main site, she would have known that Scott took video of this shirt in action about a year ago at Toy Fair. Just sayin', Barbara.) If your friends get jealous, they can join in with the Drum Kit Shirt or the Synthesizer Shirt. Hey, at least you’ll have each other.

So what do you think? Would you ever wear an interactive t-shirt?

Photo by Flickr user whartonds Used under a Creative Commons License

*They do not guarantee this at all.



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I remember that, Scott! Those shirts are awesome, aren't they? I mean in a supremely dorky way, but awesome.


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ProfHotpants wrote:I remember that, Scott! Those shirts are awesome, aren't they? I mean in a supremely dorky way, but awesome.

Those guys were so brave, wearing them all over the Toy Fair and taking requests for music.

don't ask me i don't know any hallways