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Much as we wish we could, we can't run our little t-shirt wonderland on cupid feathers and unicorn smiles. As of today, Shirt.Woot's first-day price for t-shirts will increase to $12.

With a couple extra bucks to pump into the Shirt.Woot Wonder Machine of Fabulousness, we'll hit ever-higher heights of t-shirt glory. We've resisted any price increases for over four years now, and we think twelve dollars plus free shipping is still a pretty rad price for high-quality, exclusive graphic tees.

The sad fact is, nothing in our business - blank shirts, ink, labor, shipping - is getting any cheaper. A happier fact is that Shirt.Woot has a full roster of cool projects in the works for 2012, which we just couldn't do on the incredible shrinking margins of our old price.

Thanks for sticking with us lo, these many years. And thanks in advance for paying a little more so that we can stick around for many years to come. Excelsior or something!


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No qualms here, so long as you are still sticking to blanks made in the USA.

No.1 rule of online apparel purchases: SIZING CHARTS! Unsure between standard and premium options at shirt.woot? Read more about their differences here.

Like (or dislike) what you see at shirt.woot? Choose what prints at shirt.woot! Vote in the derby!

- Note: I am not staff. If you need help with your purchases, contact Support.


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I had a feeling that this was coming down the pike sooner or later.

Well, I can honestly say that $12 still isn't that much to pay to feed my woot t-shirt addiction.

So thanks for being honest with us Mr. Toon and not pulling a "Reed Hastings" on us.


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When does this go into effect? It says as of today, but it still says $10 on the main page.

When you say 'daily shirt.woot prices' does that mean the derby shirts will still be $10?


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I support you, faceless corporation run apparently by monkeys and slugs. I can safely say that 90% of the t-shirts I own are 100% cotton, as well as being sold, advertised, and made in America by artistic people who's biographies are intricate and blatantly fictionalized to the betterment of all involved. Money is, by no fault of my own, being circulated in the US, and that cultures up the bunch of us. Though I'd love to pay $10 a shirt indefinitely, $12 is not by any measure unreasonable; especially considering the extra projects that have been undertaken recently. I now own Nevermore in t-shirt, long sleeve, and hoodie, and the beloved Some Motivation Required has been temporarily resurrected in hoodie and duffel bag format. Start selling prints and I may drain my bank account much more quickly; but until then I will not begrudge you the additional 20% per shirt.
Stay spunky woot!.


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Sorry for the delay on the price increase. There were some technical difficulties, but it's corrected now. Early purchasers got an unplanned discount. All first day shirts will now be $12. This includes Derby shirts.


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At least they didn't try to start up "shirtster" where you buy long sleeve shirts apart from their main site which sells only short sleeve shirts. At least i don't have to buy those shirts with a seperate login.

But the real question bodes... will "RANDOS" still be 6.66? they gotta be.


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I still love you.


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duffeball wrote:At least they didn't try to start up "shirtster" where you buy long sleeve shirts apart from their main site which sells only short sleeve shirts. At least i don't have to buy those shirts with a seperate login.

But the real question bodes... will "RANDOS" still be 6.66? they gotta be.

That's an excellent question? Can we get an equally excellent answer? Like, hopefully prices of the randoms will stay the same? I hope?


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's like a horrible dream that I woke up in the middle of the night to!

I know that everyone else will play Mr. Cool-guy and go along with it, but I think it'll effect me because I'll be less prone to those impulsive purchases. The ones that you just "kinda" like and might once wear once or twice.

Think about it-- used to be 5 shirts for $50. Now, it's 5 shirts for $60.

That's the way that I think about it before I hit that stupidly large button next time.


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duffeball wrote:At least they didn't try to start up "shirtster" where you buy long sleeve shirts apart from their main site which sells only short sleeve shirts. At least i don't have to buy those shirts with a seperate login.

But the real question bodes... will "RANDOS" still be 6.66? they gotta be.

I would also like to know if any other prices beyond dailys will be increasing.


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I have to admit a little piece of me died when I noticed the increase, but I don't think it's unfair or expensive. Just means I have to leave my house more to make that green stuff.


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Pretty dumb, you'll lost half your customer base. I guess Home.Woot will be short lived... HAHA

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I'm curious to see what kind of impact we are going to see on overall sales in the next few weeks. I assume there will be at least a small cut to the number of first day sales, which will hopefully be outweighed by the increase in profit for woot.

What I'm more concerned about, though, is the impact on the reckoning. The purpose of increasing the sales cap to 6000 was to increase the number of first-time buyers, and this price increase seems like it would have the opposite effect. In addition, shirts in reckoning always sell better on days that have a successful shirt on the front page. With a cut to first-day sales, I wonder if there will also be an overall cut to reckoning sales. On the other hand, the $12 price is closer to the $15 for reckoning, so potentially it will be easier to justify the extra cost after the first day.

Obviously it will take some time to determine what this change will mean. Woot's shirts have always been great quality, and are well worth it even at the $15 mark- hopefully people will continue to see it that way.


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Well...I am a little sad, but as some have pointed out already, $12 isn't too unreasonable, especially when you look at shirt prices on sites like Threadless. I'd have to argue about the "great" quality of Woot's shirts though :/ I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what, but all my shirts as of late are just falling to pieces.


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Fountain3586 wrote:Pretty dumb, you'll lost half your customer base. I guess Home.Woot will be short lived... HAHA

I highly doubt that. You actually think half of wooters are going to leave because of the first price increase in four years?


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Disappointed, for sure. I'll probably still only buy my t-shirts from woot! though... although I'll probably buy fewer.

Still a good deal, and they're made in the USA and great quality... it'll definitely make it harder to rationalize the purchase, though :/


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This price hike should seriously be reconsidered. I understand inflation and all that, of course, but the loss of business because of the extra $2 will be considerable. Instead of buying any shirt that I found interesting... I'll be thinking twice. For some people, that $2 matters. It sounds petty to not buy something over only a few dollars, but in the end it'll be my pockets thanking me. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way I do.



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I agree with Fountain3586. They are going to lose some customers over this, probably quite a few but not half. Most will probably just now buy as often, including myself! A 20% price increase is substantial when most businesses are reducing their prices to try and move merchandise. I love woot shirts and have bought several but I have to unfortunately disagree with the declaration that they are of "high-quality". They don't hold up at work like other shirts do. I've had some shirts for 10-15 years from other manufacturers that look like my woot shirts do in less than a year. :-( Take into account the price increase and I definitely won't be buying as often! We'll see if the price goes back down or how quickly it does. I wonder how much the shirts from the reckoning will be now?


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So a 20% price hike? Seriously?!? I get raising the price, but 20% overnight is excessive. Perhaps you shouldn't have resisted more reasonable
price hikes for the past four years.

18 months after being acquired by the largest online retailer extant, with more bargaining power than anyone this side of Walmart; its necessary to raise prices 20%?

Sorry, but you've earned a "Bag of Bull-crap". It's bad business, and a weak argument.


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Will Woot continue having Woot-off detours?


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As someone who often already payed $15 for my shirts I don't think this is such a big deal. I usually try to resist the urge to purchase another shirt since I already have a pile that often falls on top of me when looking for something to wear but then the awesomeness combined with the limitedness pulls me in. If the shirts stay $15 on the reckoning then I actually won't feel so bad about not getting them the first day! :p


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Crazy Random Happenstance; my wife brought to my attention that I was spending too much on T-shirts.

I don't begrudge Woot their profits, but this will
my shirt buying activities.

Could be worse, could be Threadless pricing.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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In a world where there are apparently people still giving $15 for "Makin' Bread", "They See Me Rollin'", "A Wild Night", "Meatatarian" and "Inevitable Betrayal", I doubt the "drastic" $2 increase will really affect the dailies much...It might mean that the daily artists have to step up their game (some of the dailies are, honestly, pretty big stinkers).

As for me and my house, we shall continue to woot when the mood strikes us. And with free shipping, it's still cheaper than TeeFury or RIPT Apparel.


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Jason Toon wrote:The sad fact is, nothing in our business - blank shirts, ink, labor, shipping - is getting any cheaper.

Not getting any more expensive either. Effectively, in the US, the only inflationary events going on are...well, NOTHING.*

This is why the Fed has no problem with loaning money for free. Don't lie to us, woot. This is 20% more profit in your pocket, this isn't a response to inflationary pressures. You've moved to Lietown, you lying liars.

*well, except for the price of cotton, which has gone up a lot thanks to widespread droughts. never mind.


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$12 is still a good deal. I'll continue to buy. In fact, I usually can't make up my mind on the initial sale day and end up buying my stuff from the reckoning anyway!


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While the price increase is reasonable for the product; it will inevitably curb my shirting habit. It's a lot easier for my brain to go, "hey, $10 - we can do that!" than it will be for my brain to go "hey, $12!"


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Love you guys too. No hard feelings at all.



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But I wonder...how about if those of us with Amazon prime could still get it for $10...

if that were the case, I for one would welcome our new Amazon overlords.



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Will Reckoning shirts remain at $15?


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I understand the need to increase the price and it is still a good deal for a great shirt. I just wish it didn't come right after I moved to Japan. I just added $5 to every shirt order, now I have to make that $7, I will sadly have to stop buying shirts for a while.
I still love you shirt.woot but you have become an expensive date and my meager salary cannot afford you.


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$12 shipped is still a good price compared to the other daily tee sites, but I'm not sure I see the connection between shrinking/flat margins and starting new projects like the weeklies. I would be surprised if these required a ton of starting capital, and I'm guessing that they're intended to be profitable and therefore self-funding (if they aren't already), so unless there's something else in the pipeline, the official line is lacking. And as others have pointed out, $10 is an easier psychological threshold compared to $12.

For a silver lining, the weeklies so far have been promising, so if there's other stuff being planned that just sweetens the deal.

Hopefully this doesn't set a precedent for raising the rest of the price structure. I think it's fair to argue that the front page tees were underpriced, but it's harder to accept that for the reckoning and weeklies.


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you're still my dog, dog.


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This is fine by me. I know things arent getting any cheaper to produce in the today's costly world. Plus, I hope the Woot staff and shirt print staff are getting paid well and everyone's happy .

I dont think it'll affect the charts too much, as we still see #1 shirts sell for long spans of time at $15. If people want a shirt, they're going to get it, even at the slight price increase. You might see a dip on some of the 3rd place derby shirts, but then again, who knows. There've been sellout 3rd places too. The mystery will unfold before our very eyes!


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As I'm occasionally suckered into spending $20 or more for a band t-shirt (often of a less-desirable, non-soft, extra-thick cotton or poly-cotton blend) or for a shirt from a place like ThinkGeek, etc., I think the $12 sounds totally reasonable.

Also, there were way too many hyphens in the above sentence for me to be completely happy with it.


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As Ramy pointed out, I think we'll see a drop in the number of shirts bought on the first day. $10 was a terrific price for a good design, $15 is still a good price. I feel the gap between great shirts and so-so shirts will increase, however. Even a $2 increase will probably turn some people off from buying a borderline shirt they may have been willing to drop $10 on.


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I would care a lot about this if there'd been a Woot shirt I wanted in the past, oh, eight months.


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Material prices increase, eh, it happens. With cotton prices skyrocketing like they did last year, I'm surprised it wasn't sooner. But a big thank you for simply raising the price rather than acting like an orange juice company and shrinking the size by a few ounces. That would be awkward!


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Meh. It's not that I have an issue paying $12 for a shirt. I've bought plenty in the Reckoning for $15. But I do find myself less willing to overlook the fit issues on women's shirt sizing at that price. I can get better fitting women's T's with a more flattering neckline for about the same price. I really dislike the way women's AA shirts fit across the chest.

If Reckoning shirts go up by $2, I can say that I would not buy any, given the sizing issues.


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sensenigk wrote:I would care a lot about this if there'd been a Woot shirt I wanted in the past, oh, eight months.

Amen to that!