cookieaddict wrote:I'm new to Shirt.Woot and am wondering why I can't buy this shirt anymore. Is there a specific reason?

You certainly can purchase this shirt. Click here to go to the sale page.

In future, you can find all shirts currently for sale by: (1) clicking on the "top 20" link at the top of any shirt.woot page (every thumbnail on the page takes you to the sale page); (2) checking all the shirt.woot plus! side sale links found on the shirt.woot main page; (3) clicking on the "all designs" link at the top of any shirt.woot page and searching for shirts through there (there is currently a daily sale limit in the all design section, so if it's already been reached, try again earlier the next day); and (4) going to the first page of comments in a shirt's sale thread and clicking on the title of the shirt found in the first post.

To learn more about how shirt.woot works, please read the Shirt.woot FAQ. It's quite the thorough resource!

Welcome to shirt.woot and happy shopping!