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Congrats Wences, esta super chida carnal!!


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I was knocked over by this shirt! -prolly the bust? I haven't bought a woot shirt for over a year. until today. so, so good.


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I like the way that, depending on how you look at it, the raven is either standing and facing the window or is standing with his back to the window and looking over his shoulder. It's a really cool effect.

Why? Forty-two...you see, it doesn't work.


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bluetuba wrote:No English major worth his salt would wear Nevermore given how it butchered the poem up. :P

I'm assuming there's more than a few English students out there that aren't...


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ahpagano wrote:I have checked out the sizing chart but I am not buying for myself and am stuck between men's XL and 2X. Woot shirts tend to run hipster-ly small-ish, right?

Still slim, but not as long.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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Josephus wrote:I haven't bought a woot shirt for over a year. until today. so, so good.

Agreed! I have 10 Woot shirts, but haven't bought one in like 3 years, because it's seemingly all been "Hey, we've anthropomorphized this typically inanimate object, ain't it cute?", or "Here's a mashup/reference to that recent|nostalgic movie/show/book you like!", or yet another unfortunate execution of an otherwise clever idea...

I just don't subscribe to the school of thought that just *any* concept is appropriate for a t-shirt. It's gotta read well from a decent distance and register quickly on a drive by.

And this one totally fits the bill.

Bought. Hopefully the dry spell is over.

- m


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valianteffort wrote:I think I get this shirt. The Raven symbolizes the world champion Baltimore Ravens while the Pac-Man ghost eyes in the other window symbolize the San Francisco 49ers, who just got beaten in the Super Bowl by the Ravens.

Yay! I glad you got the truly references of this ;)

Thanks guys for all the support! I really appreciate it!


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Lovely. Just lovely.


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dupedyetagain wrote:Actually, it's a great poem. Why the hell aren't you gaga over it? It deserves a plethora (a PLETHORA!) of damned raven shirts. There is no limit.

Agreed. And while the shirt is good, Tennessee Williams' Raven on a Hot Tin Roof was outstanding!


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Awesome design! Congrats!

Pleasepleaseplease sell a poster and a hoodie of this design, though.


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Dwass wrote:That's so Raven.

LOL! ...and if I can't love your comment, how am I gonna love anyone else's comment?


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Reclaimer456 wrote:It's a bad poem. Why in the hell are so many people gaga over it and why has it spawned so many damned raven shirts? (I like ravens, but there is a limit)

I don't get it either. Even more perplexing is the fact that people are so obsessed with it, they must wear a t shirt professing their love for it.


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Just got this shirt as part of Random Woot. Love this shirt, thought it turned out really well. T