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sorry, soteriology is the doctrine of salvation through Jesus Christ, (I didn't type the whole thing, was distracted from completing my sentence) But it reads 'are you freed from salvation', not by salvation as extricate is 'to be freed or released from'
should read "Have you been extricated by soteriology" that would alleviate the altercations that persists throughout this forum on the subject as everyone is reading it differently

pflieger wrote:Nope. Christology is the doctrine of Christ.

Soteriology is the doctrine of salvation. Therefore the phase may be interpreted as freed by the doctrine of salvation.


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PocketBrain wrote:Is there a Grammar Book Thumper tee?

And the prophet said, "FOR WHOM!!!"

I'd buy it.


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pantechnist wrote:sorry, soteriology is the doctrine of salvation through Jesus Christ

No, it isn't.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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davidwot wrote:You mean there are people here that had to look up the meaning of the words? Hmmmmm . . . . What ephemeromorphs, and utter fibrochondrosteal-heads you are! This is a call for us to haussmannize our vocabulary, is it not?

But for those ethnomethodologists here, I offer my sincerest blandiloquence

Allow me to oraelabte on some possible meanings from the shirt graphic: Could it be the individual was freed from a Caesaropapism that practiced Cephalonomancy?

Or, a person escaping an Iatromathematician?

Well, enough said here. I should stop before I am caught being a complete hypercatalectic.

(PS: I can't believe these terms were singled out by the vermiculate line of vermillion constitution!!)

Seriously - This reminds me of the dictionary game - where the players choose a word and offer the actual or a fabricated meaning to the group to have members vote yes/no on the definition's authenticity (Oops, there I go again - almost, Ha)


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SuperNinja wrote:

LOL! Ahh what malapropistic eloquence.


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Yes, I have been extricated from soteriological BS! I think we all should be. The world would be a better place.


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I dig the concept, but there exists no unabridged dictionary/thesaurus that diminutive. The print would be microscopic, in the literal meaning if the word.

When I see Unabridged, my mind reverentially pictures the holy history of the English language upon its altar, beneath the lights at the library. And it is a massive tome.


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