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mrmcmac wrote:I have three dogs. I have a stack of well over 100 Woot Shirts of which 100 are black. Dog hair, dandruff, and dust peg me as a homeless person whenever I go out in public, especially if the car windows are down.

Makes explaining a Woot shirt an embarrassment for me. And for Woot.

The reason hinges on Woot artists who have the best, funniest, most popular designs go for black, I surmise.

The colored shirts are reserved for the K-8 set and their parents.

Please, help the homeless looking adults whose sense of humor runs to science, easy women, and mechanical things.

Put a little color in their lives! After all, its summer. Getting hot. Whew!

No one wants their dandruff to show! Thanks for dropping by to share your idea


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cjamesb wrote:Actually its in Latin that Jehovah starts with an I. The Hebrew Tetragrammaton doesn't use vowels.

In Hebrew, the "I/J" in Jehovah is actually a yud, which is a consonant. Other yuds at the start of Biblical names include Yoseph (Joseph), Yehoshuah (Joshua), and Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

The reason it became "J" is that the "J" used to give a "y" sound. When the sound changed, the transliterations remained.


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Yeah I know the AA option has been gone for a few rounds but this is honestly the first shirt I would've purchased since then - *and* on AA. I've been dying to pay the premium for an AA shirt! Sad to see it didn't last long.


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ilta wrote:Er, what? No, that's another Indy reference. Only the penitent man shall pass. Though that's for the first challenge; this is the second.

Well it could be LoTR-ish too. I don't remember Indy that well. I haven't seen it so recently.


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But in Latin, the Konami Code starts with an "I"...