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curtisuxor wrote:Why has no one commented on the fact that this is a re-creation of the famous Iwo Jima flag-raising photograph?

The Flag Code, Marvel/DC, nor political beliefs is not what one should be concerned about with this shirt.

That's what sold me on this! Love that Iwo Jima photo. And speaking of that photo, it was a bunch of Marines and a Navy Corpsman. Marines/Navy...Marvel/DC...perfect!


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Great idea, but the art is just terrible. I would've bought this if it didn't look so crappy.


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This is a very sad and disrespectful woot shirt. It is commercializing the raising of the U.S. flag over Mount Suribachi in the Battle of Iwo Jima by U.S. Marine Corps. Almost 7,000 U.S. troops were killed and over 20,000 Japanese troops killed within 7 days.

Bad Woot. Some would say I am being over sensitive, but I think we have all lost perspective on the sacrifices our country and fighting men have and will make.

Just my 2 cents



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Taranach wrote:Seriously?
What about the thousands of colonists who died trying to wrest control from the monarchs who dominated and used them? What about the creators of the flag who used it to rally a fledgling country to that initial freedom?

Get off your high horse here... respect for the flag and the soldiers who sacrificed themselves for what it represents is fine... holding it to be inviolate and a sacrilege is foolish... Humor is a tradition leading back to our founding fathers.

Taranach, I am not on a high horse. If I was I would have made a big stink instead of simply stating my opinion. I never said it is sacrilegious nor inviolate. I am simply an Air Force Veteran stating how I feel and my point of view. I am not trying to force my opinion on anyone nor am I attempting or asking that the shirt be removed. I respect and understand what the artist has created and am glad we have the freedom of speech. This does not mean I have to like everything everyone creates. I appreciate humor as much as anyone and like the shirts on this site hence my constant daily viewing of the shirts. I believe that showing honor and respect for the men who raised the flag over Iwo Jima also honors the founders of our country as without them these men would not have been able to raise the flag as our country would not exist the way it does. It is freedom of speech that allows me to state all of this without worrying about people trying to silence me which is what I feel you are wanting to do. I may be wrong in that opinion and I would hope that I am and even if I am not I am thankful for all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and respect your right to feel the way you do. Have a great weekend.


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lclark07 wrote:Instead of thinking of it as disrespect, try thinking of it as an analogy for children to understand the kind of "heroes" those men were. Before you start to tell me I don't know what I am talking about, I am a former Navy Hospital Corpsman, my husband is a current active duty Hospital Corpsman, and our grandfathers were all active duty in the Navy during WWII.

Actually, I think you make a good point. This is a perspective I hadn't considered. It doesn't change my opinion but I respect your point of view. My grandfather and four great uncles were also in WWII and I have had at least one or two men in my family in the military every generation since the Civil War. I am a Veteran as is my father and brother so I truly know and appreciate the sacrifice of all military veterans and their families. Thanks for giving me a positive way to look at the shirt. It would be a great way to help kids understand the sacrifice of these great men and that they are superheroes if it weren't for the two glaring mistakes it has. One: There are only 12 stripes on the flag. The thirteenth stripe, which is red, is missing at the top. Two: The shirt is not made in America. I would rather pay a higher rate for an American made product that supports our countries jobs and our infrastructure.

Thank you for your families service to our country. I consider all who have served and are serving my brothers and sisters and my heroes.


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The shirt is too cute for my tastes, but it's still neat.

ckeilah wrote:...and still disrespecting the glorious flag of the erstwhile great Republic. Sad, woot! Even HGTV learned from their tacky mistake

Haha, people will rage over anything just to have some excitement in their day.


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This shirt is awesome. It's nerdy and cute. I like the mix of dc and marvel- sort of "united" in purpose. It wouldn't be the same if it was just one or the other.

I love the reference to Iwo Jima. These super heroes are reminding us of what the original super heroes did there.