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fablefire wrote:Nice to know this type of design still has a niche. One of these days when one of my shirts is reckoned, I'll have to try my hand at this minimalism.

I hope Scurvy is never reckoned. It is an animated fruit pirate ... it started the landslide and deserves a place in eternity for that.

Plus, I love mine and I am often afraid to wear it anywhere messy in case I stain it


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Juaquin wrote:Well heck, if you won't let it win a derby Woot, would you at least consider printing it during the week? It's obvious people want it (I know I do).

I say he prints it on his own and puts a link in his signature. I'd buy two or three.

CafePress and a few other sites can do this, with no hassle to the artist.