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AdderXYU wrote:I'm pretty sure if you see your own hand positioned like that there, you're already high ;)

the point is, nowhere on the shirt is there any reason to believe someone is getting high on anything. I see it as based on artistry more. Spray paint is toxic and can get you high, but if you spray it, beautiful colors come out. Not that there is anything like that going on in this shirt. Must be drugs!

I agree. In fact, noting that the can is a "pirate" can, I think we can assume that it's meant NOT to be inhaled, and we can assume it's an homage to spray paint artistry, which doesn't get enough credit. I mean, sure, the fumes might start to get at you after a while...


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ImprovedAwesome wrote:Most of you here are honestly sickening me with your comments. Most of you the moment you look at this are saying: "Oh it's hurting the environment." Or, "It is promoting huffing." But really the think the problem is the people who are looking at it.

If you want to be technical about it, then there are lots of things in daily life that you all should be whining about as well. There are so many shirt concepts out there that could easily 'promote' these nasty things you claim this shirt represents. If he was honestly going for the effect of huffing wouldn't he have put some kind of face behind it? And if it was trying to promote hurting the Earth wouldn't on the flip side he have put an Earth back there rotting? Most of you need to calm your hormones about this whole deal. As some have said Art is open to being seen as the viewer wishes to see it. If you want to put the nasty ideas in your head with the shirt than so be it. But don't try to get others to see the bad in something when there really is no reason to push that opinion on people.

Yes, it may sound like I'm pushing my opinion of it isn't bad on you. That isn't the case however. The case that I'm supporting here is that even if it's supposedly bad in your eyes there is no need to drag down art because your opinion isn't good of it.

I suppose if you want to look at it this way, why would Woot display a shirt which promoted such things that could in turn have them viewed as being a threat and bad influence to the people who visit the site? It's just moronic in that sense if you think about it. Woot here and yes, I'm about to stray into promoting the good side of this shirt. Has shown a rather artistic shirt here which when looked at has some very nice qualities. Besides all that, look down at their Wear this shirt for things, the first one they say to keep fumes "OUT" not to breath them in. Then to not let that catch them, underneath they say this shirt is not to be a filter for such things. It's all just for the sake of art here, and it's very saddening when so many people can't just drop the verbal knife against such an innocent thing.

Though, for the most part I don't think people are really gonna listen, because this is the internet. Not too many people listen to both sides of the argument.

(( In lite of that fact, let me examine the current argument against the shirt. ))

As for promoting huffing, yes I can see the general basis for which you are supporting that idea. And for those who have knowledge of huffing, or that of drugs may make a connection. But if they have knowledge of or have tried such things, wouldn't it not be promoting but reminding these already corrupted people?

Then onto the fact about the environment which I know a few people are still wondering about with this shirt. Yes this shirt 'may' as you are saying be supporting the fact that spraying harmful chemicals into the air is okay. At the same time to that coin, can one easily take that 'Rainbow' colored gas to be something serious? Yes, it's a valid quick point to make of the shirt, but upon closer inspection you notice it's silliness is really something that overrides this message.

Yes yes I know the meme is like a bajillion years old but it's the first thing that came to mind when I saw how seriously people take this. Woot has had shirts that could be considered way more subversive than this one.

On a different note, has anybody noticed that all the recent daily designs have looked very similar?


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Honestly, I like the shirt, I bought it and I will wear it. In public and around kids. Can anyone look at this for what it is? A FREAKIN TSHIRT??!?

its not like it says "Kids: Sniff Paint!" or "Lets kill the environment!"

you people are reading way too much into this.

You either like it or you dont. And if you dont, just look the other way and leave everyone else alone. You will be happier for it and so will everyone else....Just my opinion.


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Wow just got this shirt in the mail now and I am amazed. The shade of green on it is amazing and the feel of the print is of MUCH better quality than normal woot shirts. Definately gonna wear this one a lot


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Got mine today! The colors are awesome!

Yeay so happy, this is my new favorite shirt :D

Be the change...


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does anyone have photos of how ChloroFloroHypnoHype turned out?


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f7eleven wrote:does anyone have photos of how ChloroFloroHypnoHype turned out?

I will post some soon, a friend took some pics recently of our bike trip to virgin, utah and i was wearing this shirt. Since i have got it i have worn it 3 times and got nothing but positive comments and nothing from anyone about it implying anything negative. I guess my advice is that if you are worried that people think you are promoting the huffing of paint by wearing this shirt you have much larger problems in your life than your wardrobe.



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I'm so glad I bought this before it sold out. I got it in the mail today, and it printed mad nicely. ^_^