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xazothia wrote:Did you ever email about this? It seems like something they would have corrected immediately, but now I'm not sure, since it's been so long...

Thank you for responding. I did email their support but since I received the items on Christmas Eve it was a few days before I had a response about the incorrect shirts, which is understandable.

They said they had two remaining shirts in the childs size but sold out and not on the reprint list for the adult size.

They issued a credit for the adult shirt and quickly sent the childs size, which was decent enough service. I think if it hadnt taken so long to receive the shirts I may have had a better chance of getting them both replaced. It just seemed strange that others also had the same issue.

Unfortunately, because of the meaning behind these particular shirts (just the bird, nothing to do with the song), it just didnt work out and lost all impact and meaning. Of ALL the gifts that were purchased this year, this one had the most "MEANING". Figures, doesnt it???

Thank you again for your interest and response.
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I posted last month that I hadn't gotten my shirt yet, and emailed the service email.

I got this response:

We are currently out of print in the size you ordered and we are making more of them. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Once the reprints are completed, we will have the order shipped out. This order will not arrive by Christmas. We apologize for the delay and for the inconvenience.

Well, that was Dec 23 (a MONTH ago) and I still have no shirt. No refund. Nothing.

I just emailed service again. Just thought if anyone else was in the same boat theyd like to know they're not the only one.