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flickdude wrote:Annnnd it sold out. Great job fans...you guys are worse than Browncoats in the Getting Slapped in the Face and Paying Hard-Earned Cash for the Honor Department.

I like my shirt very much, thanks. Looks great in person (and on my person)....or so I'm led to believe by ass kissing sycophants...hmmmm.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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I really loved Tron, I don't know what that writeup is trying to prove. :/ Oh well, I am debating whether to buy the shirt or not. It's pretty damn awesome. Writeup not so much.


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Congrats Spiritgreen! You got mentioned on boingboing.net - your sales are going to skyrocket!


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I find the write up about how they just made tron to make money, and about how terrible Tron is/was funny considering how well this shirt sold


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I keep wondering who expected a great plot in a sequel for the 'Moar Shiny SFX!' film of its day...


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So, I wore this to Disneyland California Adventures yesterday. It got a LOT of compliments, both from other park visitors and from staffers (it was especially popular at Toy Story Midway Mania). My 7 yr old son wants one of these shirts, too.

Powered by coffee!


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Tron Legacy, terrible movie. Complete waste of time. Very, Very disappointed. Just tells me,movies in the 80's and 90's were at the height of vision.
This was like most movies now, being like the titanic....

You can Woot! if you want to, you can leave Amazon behind, because if you don't buy the Woot! from the real Woot!, then you're, no friend of mine. Say we can Woot!, we can Woot!, they're doing it from home to home.


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Anyone got a pic of themselves wearing this?


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I love how even Woot! hates this shirt and you people still send it up to number 2 on the reckoning 4 weeks later.


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dang, i wish i would have found this earlier. curse you reckoning!