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Re: Simply Anatomy

My new frog sub, I think I fixed it. I like it fine, but I have a new idea that I'm gonna put out before it gets too late in the week.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the froggy, that would be cool. Also, does anyone know how to turn gradients into little dots with GIMP?


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Re: Spectrum

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet and White = 6 Colors.


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Teripie wrote:Nice. I think I'd add one more stage - abutterfly flattened on a windshield.

If there's a ever a "Nuisances of Florida" theme, we'll do that with lovebugs.


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Johndis5 wrote:Full venom? A little snarky, maybe, but full venom? I'd say that is an over reaction.

Your most successful design was in the robot derby, and it was original, well done, and a near print. You didn't get any negative comment, just praise (well deserved I might add). If you are trying to reach a broader audience with your art, that is the obvious direction you should go.

Since your little hissy fit over not printing, you've done nothing but churn out overdone pop culture crap and existing IP. Knowing how creative you can be vs. what we see from you now, it really seems you are just going for the cheap popular gag so that you can get a print and make some money. It doesn't have to be about the art. There is a very successful designer here who obviously doesn't care about the art. It's all about the easy buck for them. If that's what you want to do, fine, go do it. But at least be honest about it. And if you are going to keep churning out lazy work in hopes of a quick buck, more power to you, but don't try and play the victim of some hate campaign against you every time you get flack for not being original. In short, man up.

Again, I appreciate your honest feedback about my work. But just saying its pop culture rehash doesn't really provide much of feedback for the design. all your sayin' is you don't like the subject matter because of the pop culture tie in. As to all the designs I've done since the robot derby being nothing but cheap popular gag then I guess I beg to differ. I guess the other designs subbed must have been over looked because the d20 design did well and so because its was popular that must mean its a bad design and all the others that didn't do well must have been the good designs. Popular doesn't mean bad but I guess in your book it does. The robot design was pop culture too. Zombies! that's major pop! So sayin' that was an exception really is not the case. You can hate on my work all you want. that's your perogative. But sayin' the design is crap just because it may have a pop culture tie is really just your opinion. I stand by my designs. They are wearable and well done but just don't sit there on your high horse because you believe you have some objective view point on the matter. Simple you hate designs which may have some pop culture theme which may appeal to the masses. I have always been up front and honest about my designs. Each week just like every artist who subs we try our best to create something which may appeal to a wide audience. And we all are trying to win. I'm not here post a design to tickle someone's aesthetic yearning. I'm trying to create something which many people would like and buy. Art takes a backseat. Is the art important? Yes but the idea... the design that sells is paramount. If I want to do this, sub each week, just for the art then I'll see you at the Holiday Inn on Sunday with my Bob Ross and Thomas Kinkade reproductions. Because that's the route of the starving artist.

so here's me manning up. Bring it! I'll see you in the bathroom for our pissing contest next.


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CaptainIte wrote:Pretty sure the number of colours in visible light is not the important thing here. The point is that this is a very common, very basic plant biology experiment that gets repeated everywhere.

The best part is it's accurate too! Plants generally undergo photosynthesis faster under red light, thereby growing more, but more slowly under green light. The green pigments are able to absorb the wavelengths of red light, but not green light. With blue and yellow it's somewhere in between, depending on the plant.

Awesome. Totally getting this if it gets printed.

thanks for noticing the research I put into this design!


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This design is awesome. Very clever.

I don't know why you don't have more votes. I'll buy at least 2.


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midgerock wrote: The robot design was pop culture too. Zombies! that's major pop!

I am aware that your robot design contained zombies, and instead of just doing a zombie shirt, you did something creative and original that included zombies. Something that I haven't seen done in..., well maybe ever. That is an accomplishment, and deserves artistic and creative praise.

Cola + mentos
Marvel super heroes
office space

Were all just pop culture and existing IP slapped on a shirt with no real creativity or originality. They were just there, for the sake of people going "I like D&D! This shirt rocks!" or "Hey, Office space was funny! This shirt rocks!" All you are doing here is essentially copying and pasting other people's ideas and trying to get a large enough target audience to earn you a grand. All I am saying is, it's obvious you are capable of doing some really cool stuff, and it's frustrating to see talented people just trying to go the cheap route. But like I said, if that's your game, go and play it, just don't act indignant when you are called out on it.

I would love to have a pissing match with you, but I pee sitting down, like any high horse riding gentleman would.


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nickthedino wrote:The people arguing that an 11 year old would be smart enough to know this experiment wouldn't work. If you wanted the derby entries to realistically capture the experiments in a middle school science fair, we'd only have a bunch of entries revolving around potato catapults and posters based on the water cycle, which I'm pretty sure no one wants.

Actually, that's kind of what I hoped for with this derby: interesting designs based on actual scientific ideas you might find in a science fair. Not sadistic machinations of a disturbed child.

What's really amazing to me is that ramy's fans are somehow unable to grasp the simple idea that this shirt is depicting DEAD TURTLES because a) they're cute and/or b) it references the Ninja Turtles.

Let's throw out any criticism relating to the theme, colors, style, etc. How can anybody in good conscience vote for and wear a shirt that is essentially making a JOKE out of poisoning animals? This isn't T-Shirt Hell, where tasteless shirts like this belong. This design has no place on woot in any derby.


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Re: FrankenTater

hahahaha!So true and hilarious!

well done
my +1


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Re: Minor Modifications

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with this design, as far as its relation to the theme. It's pretty simple and expresses the idea effectively.

I just think it's a dated joke that's been done before.


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gryphoncreation wrote:in additive light you can use 3 colors -red, green, blue (which is what computers and tv's use. subtractive light(CMYK) is a bit different, however if you are breaking light through a prism, you will get 7 main color -red-orange-yesllow-green-bue-indigo-violet, not to mention the variety of colors in between.

Oh geez... you're sort of right...

There are three primary colors of light, RGB (additive color).

There are also three primary colors of pigment, Red, Blue and Yellow (subtractive color). Those are the colors on the color wheel that are taught in art classes as part of color theory.

CMYK are the four ink colors used in printing.

>insert funny quote here<


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sTyLeS wrote:Of course there's a reason for my statement. It's that I disagree with you.

Maybe you just wanna win a little to much. I think raymb knows a little bit about making woot shirts.


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If ever similar shirts existed...


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Re: Minor Modifications

Although there is no object that the planets are hanging from and the design is "overdone," I still really enjoyed this design and it evoked an "awww... poor pluto" from me. GMV


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Re: Heads or Tails

This is the common experiment that tests the probability of getting a head or tail when flipping a coin, but we're using a cat.


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Re: A little o' this... A little o' that... OOPS!

Very clever i like it. A better shirt template would have made it look a lot better though.


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jzlosman wrote:You quoted my post but I don't recall it saying the video games were more important than the comic. I seem to be lost on the idea that it can only be considered one or the other. Is it a movie? Yes. Is it a comic book? Yes. Is it a video game? Yes. Was it a cereal? Yes. Is it a cartoon series? Yes. Was it a short-lived rock band with an album titled "Coming Out Of Their Shells"? Yes.

My post was pointing out that it was more than just a comic and it was very much a video game. I think you can do more than just "make the argument that without the comic all the rest of the media wouldn't exist." That is the truth as that was the source - again not the point being argued though but thanks for your input.

*25 years not 15 - a very slow release schedule.

Sorry about that I think I was quoting your post and replying to the general discussion on how the "Video Game" part is important enough to make this rejectable. Which, as stated in the rest of my comment, has been shown by other derbies to not be the case except for one sad exception.

LOL, I think I already said the argument for that would be silly but thanks for your input. Moving onnnnn. =D


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walmazan wrote:hahahaha!So true and hilarious!

well done
my +1

Thank ye sir, make sure to spread the legend of FRANKENTATER =)


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BambooDrew wrote:Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet and White = 6 Colors.

Hmmmm, That looks more like seven colors to me... However, those aren't the colors used in this design. To me it looks more like Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, and Grey.


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Re: Spectrum

wow, I love this, it's a good continuation theme with the tree, and really is a creative double meaning of light.


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Re: Highpothesis Tested

This is great!


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Re: The RYB color model

I don't like it.


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Re: Sky in a Jar

Aw man! You spilled it! =) Great design!


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Re: Punnett's Misstep

Mendel would be proud!


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Re: The Prince Charming Theorem

Nice! Voted! I heard that only works in Disney movies.


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Re: The Little Inventor

That's wild. I'm assuming there's a little homage to Dali's portrait, Atomicus. Lot's of amazing detail and movement.


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Re: (Science) - (Fiction) =

Love it! Such a great idea!


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Re: theraphosidae ver 2 resub

Resub with colors changed on background. Please Vote again!


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Re: Highpothesis Tested


Lots of fun. I like how subtle you made the background details too.


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Re: The Color Solution

Nice colors!


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bluejester wrote:It's a funny concept, but Pluto needs to be there dang it! j/k

Actually, I think my prob with it is the strings need to be hanging from something. As is, it looks like the Men's answer to problem that women face with some of their shirts. Here, instead of accidental boob shirt, we have accidental chest hair hanging.

Not meant to be rude, it just seems that way.

Haha! Well played. There aren't enough hairy chest shirts in the world, but I think this one hangs just fine!


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Re: Three Kinds of Rocks

Ahh!!! This shirt is so freaking cute. Love it. I really hope I'll be able to buy this one.


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sanmarin0 wrote:Very clever i like it. A better shirt template would have made it look a lot better though.

also, it says "POOPs!"


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Re: Experimental Fail

All this does is make me sad for the poor little turtles.....


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sefjwm wrote:I swear I've seen this before.

1. I thought it looked exactly like this shirt and wondered why it wasn't rejected on those grounds.

2. I must dumb, cause I don't get the joke at all.

3. Somewhere else in the comments, the skull and cross bones is poison, not detergents or bleach necessarily.

I wasn't going to stay up. Drat! Foiled again!

Travel in style! Travel in a Woot shirt!


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Re: (Science) - (Fiction) =

This is fantastic, hope it wins.


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Re: FrankenTater


Nothing follows.


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Re: Crayon Anatomy

This is my second derby entry. The concept is that a child drew the chest cavity on the shirt which is why all of the colors are outside of the lines and whatnot. Hopefully you enjoy it!


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I want this :D it is adorable