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Sephirage wrote:The fella doesn't look that out of shape to me. This shirt needs more "plumpness."

skinny peeps can be just as out of cardiovascular shape as fatties


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This has been one of the worse, most disappointing derbies ever! WAY TO GO WOOTERS! Romero would be totally ashamed of what you people have associated with zombies this weekend! If zombies were to ever walk the earth I can say you wooters would be safe, because there's obviously not one ounce of gray matter between all of you. Thanks again for screwing this weekend all up, I may never woot again!

Susan Knight


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Congrats walmazan! One of the best shirts in this derby - clever, not too gory/violent and graphically pleasing


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This just reminds me that I've been slacking off on running this week...


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Thanks guys so much for support this design! I appreciate all your comments!


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chucky3456 wrote:This is zombie weekend, a weekend where I was absolutely guaranteed to spend $30 on shirts, and not one winner made me want to spend $10... what the freighttrain?

Agree 100%. Nothing against any of the winning designers, but there were some truly cool shirts which made the fog but not the top 3. I had voted for 4 fogs, and was prepared to buy all that made it, but none did.