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Suspects the doctor is a tomato, and therefore insensitive to the medical plights of apples.


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I guess being an apple every day doesn't keep the doctor away.

LOL I was going to post about the bell pepper being the doctor but all of the early comments mention it. This image was really cute, good job Walmazan.


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The apple with the worm looks more like he's getting a surprise party than news that a worm is eating his brain...


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So many of walmazan's best designs have this subversive or disturbing underlying a cute visual. Are these worm puns from walmazan telling us something? Perhaps the happy little worm character making mischief is a self-portrait.


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*snicker* Dr. Pepper...haha

Examine Bindle of Carrots.
What Bindle of Carrots?


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Ojoya wrote:I might be thinking too hard about this, but the alarmed-looking individual seems to be a tomato... so is he a friend of the apple?

Whether its an apple or a tomatoe the worm is still a rotten prognosis.


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I feel like X-rays are pretty hard to pull off on a screen-printed design. Walmazan really knocked it out of the park with this one.


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I can't wait to wear this to my next doctor's appointment.


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nice one !


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jagendorf wrote:Dr. Pepper makes the world taste better!

Just got this shirt in the randoms, I thought the Dr. was a tomato, but then it hit me.


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Kindest regards,
Michelle K. W.


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merengelady wrote:RESURRECT THIS ONE

In case you are unaware, there seem to be a MM and a WS available on


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And the doctor appears to be a red bell pepper!