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I'd pay to go to that Hibachi.


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It's a really lovely design. I can't decide whether or not to get it because the cat might take it too cutesy for my personal taste. Then again, the cat also makes it a cute word play on the lore.

Decisions, decisions....


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Awesome! Love the design.


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Looks like I was the 1% who bought three of these shirts. I love the design. Mama, the wee kiddle and auntie will be sporting these at the next festival in Japantown.

Too bad about the right over left kimono positioning, which is done when dressing the dead. Though I didn't notice it at first glance, it's a cautionary tale for graphic artists. I could easily see making the same mistake with such a minor detail. Unless, perhaps, Kittentarō is a benevolent demon samurai kitteh. Now that would be verah kewl! I've personally known some cats who would fit that role. Mew!


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My poor understanding of kimono protocol is: both wraping left right, right left are correct. It's a male/female thing. Is true? Anyone really know?


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Dualll wrote:Unfortunately the color of the cat's fur doesn't go well with the shirt's color.

I think that's the plan - so you don't see it immediately.


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“I’m a big fan of Japanese art and culture, just not the parts with all the tentacles.”

But, but... what if I like Japanese art and culture AND the bits with the tentacles?!



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blanked wrote:What is in the cat's mouth? Blowdart?

I'd guess a tanto or something similar.


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You know what makes it for me? The cat's kneecap.


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ashidome wrote:And sold! I have a tattoo of Kintarō fighting the carp who ate his mom on my inner right arm. And I love cats. There's a meme there but I'm too hopped up on cold meds to figure it out,

Can you post a picture of it?


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tc04 wrote:My poor understanding of kimono protocol is: both wraping left right, right left are correct. It's a male/female thing. Is true? Anyone really know?

Right over left is only for the dead or when you're dressing the dead. Kittentaro is apparently a ghostly spirit haunting us!


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I got 3! Will be getting more, for I now have a new favorite shirt to replace my Scooby Doo with a chinese dragon on a green tye dye shirt. I will either frame my old shirt or deco podge it onto a piece of furniture so I will always have him near. Could also turn a shirt into a blanket, pillow, binder or bag. You never know when you will find a perfect something,get multiples.

Everyone has differnt tastes, some are more easy to please then others. At age 27 I've only had 3 favorite shirts, two of them bowler style shirts. So Kittentaro has filled an empty space in my life and yes I'm picky. From the age old skill of sterotyping I belive peoples choices are affected by how many differnt forms of products, info, arts, crafts and hobbies they are in too. Since i have seen many shirts and comics, I am able to resist temptation for purpose of saving or getting a better qaulity deal/item. Plus some jokes have been done so often. This shirt is perfect for an asian wash, fantasy reader, martial artist admire, hero worshiping, crafter, gamer,& cat lover. In other words ME!

Also incorperates a few major icons that are associated with asian culture. Lucky cat, honorble warrior, ocean/river, traditional art style, and fish. Koi in Japenese also means love.

Yes I would dress my cat up like Kittentaro and hand him a sword. Unfortunately he is more of a geisha...


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It's a really neat shirt, still debating on whether I want it or not


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Isn't it bad when the kitty smells fishy?


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I want this shirt, but not in grey. When are we going to stop Wooting grey and black shirts constantly? It's been like this all month.


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Congrats William, awesome work!


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mosbysjedi wrote:It's a really neat shirt, still debating on whether I want it or not

When in doubt, do what I do and flip a coin.

Heads, you buy.
Tails, you buy.

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First Day Sales: 1958


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Last wooter to woot: texasbooklady
Last purchase time: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 11:59:14 PM Central Time
Order pace: 0m 44.125s
Woot wage: $3,126.70
Woots sold: 1957

Last wooter to woot: rsgro
Last purchase time: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 12:09:57 AM Central Time
Order pace: 0m 44.409s
Woot wage: $3,103.58
Woots sold: 1959

I didn't copy it by the last sale was to texasbooklady the the total first day sales were 1958


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Thanks everyone for the support on this design.

The right over left kimono positioning is for the dressing for the dead.It's a mistake that i keep making, sorry for that.

If this make you feel better, you can say that the cat is a messenger from hell as this design is the continuous from the last supper design of the neko series( (= ^ Y ^=) meow~~


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If we're nit-picking about the details, this t-shirt has the same mistake as many t-shirts that feature someone holding a katana - traditionally, left hand is always on the bottom, closer to the end of sword, while right hand should be on top, closer to the hilt (tsuba). ;)

Beautiful design, though!


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I definitely would have preferred it in an other color....but the design it's too cool! Bought mine!

Couldn't let it pass!


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Wow! Got my shirt today, & I'm knocked out by it. Really terrific. And I too had qualms about getting yet another grey shirt, but the grey really works on this.


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My Kittentaro arrived today - looks really great!


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I've been waiting 18 months for this to come back. My first one was one of the "pre-shrunk to not fit" old-stock women's sizes that disintegrated in the first wash. I was assured the women's blanks are now boob-friendly. But it's almost twice as much dough. Ouch!