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The Looking Glass Garden

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quality posts: 0 Private Messages cricketfan

Not something I could get away with wearing.


quality posts: 602 Private Messages bluejester

I the line work on the faces of the flowers. It's great to see an Alice in Wonderland inspired design that feels like it popped from the original Lewis Carrol text.


quality posts: 667 Private Messages lonelypond

Elegantly interesting with nicely muted colors


quality posts: 186 Private Messages JadenKale

Very nice depiction and soft color palette for a Lewis Carroll storybook scene. It makes up for the millions of absurdly UV color-filled pieces out there before this. And luckily, I don't have to be on an acid-trip to wear this one.

Awesome job on this design, Jill.


quality posts: 174 Private Messages DianaSprinkle

Ohhh, this is done by the same person that did one of my favorite shirts "Alice's Sewing Basket."

Nice to see you on woot.


quality posts: 63 Private Messages ApeLad

Beautiful! Great job Jillustration!


quality posts: 31 Private Messages ochopika


This reminds me of a drawing assignment in college: "Create an anthropomorphic botanical illustration". I'm getting one of these shirts for sure


quality posts: 64 Private Messages calebmitchell

Curse the creme! I love this, but there's no way I could pull it off on that color :/


quality posts: 68 Private Messages gertiestn

And I'm like, Wow.


quality posts: 9 Private Messages dawnmt

Christmas is coming early this year...for me. LOL I love this, the colors are awesome.


quality posts: 211 Private Messages zekecatz

The writers did a great job with the wear/don't wear, etc. Alice references.


quality posts: 716 Private Messages CowboyDann

I bet you could learn a lot of things from those flowers... Especially in the month of June.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages estherbrownie

Gorgeous. It looks like the flowers are, from left to right, a dandelion, tiger-lily, snapdragon, daisy, and carnation.

The first three are obvious visual puns, but am I missing a specific pun with the daisy and carnation?


quality posts: 1 Private Messages azukibean

It scared me when I was young, and it scares me now.


quality posts: 10 Private Messages MaxAwesome

I love how a top hat makes it a 'dandy' lion.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages nyimages

All in the golden afternoon
Full leisurely we glide;
For both our oars, with little skill,
By little arms are plied,
While little hands make vain pretense
Our wanderings to guide.

Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour,
Beneath such dreamy weather,
To beg a tale of breath too weak
To stir the tiniest feather!
Yet what can one poor voice avail
Against three tongues together?

Imperious Prima flashes forth
Her edict to "begin it"--
In gentler tones Secunda hopes
"There will be nonsense in it"--
While Tertia interrupts the tale
Not more than once a minute.

Anon, to sudden silence won,
In fancy they pursue
The dream-child moving through a land
Of wonders wild and new,
In friendly chat with bird or beast--
And half believe it true.

And ever, as the story drained
The wells of fancy dry,
And faintly strove that weary one
To put the subject by,
"The rest next time"--"It is next time!"
The happy voices cry.

Thus grew the tale of Wonderland:
Thus slowly, one by one,
Its quaint events were hammered out--
And now the tale is done,
And home we steer, a merry crew,
Beneath the setting sun.

Alice! a childish story take,
And with a gentle hand
Lay it where Childhood's dreams are twined
In Memory's mystic band,
Like pilgrim's withered wreath of flowers
Plucked in a far-off land.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages jessierahl

I'm sorry, I love Alice and Wonderland stuff but, this looks like something I'd find in my grandmother's old quilts and shirts from the ladies department of JC Penny.

In essence, it looks very hipster. *shudders* Hipsters...

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quality posts: 35 Private Messages gricomet

Hmm, I see the Alice in Wonderland ideas, but for some reason they reminded me more strongly of illustrations for the L. Frank Baum Oz books.


quality posts: 161 Private Messages Assassin15

Before I even looked closely at the illustration or the title I was like hey, that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Then I saw the title and the actual drawing. Very nice job on making an excellent Alice-esque design!

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quality posts: 33 Private Messages meepee

Now that is a well-rounded dandelion.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages elankat

Very lovely illustration.


quality posts: 31 Private Messages jbhswim

I predict that this shirt will be popular with the ladies!!


quality posts: 34 Private Messages joemail11
MaxAwesome wrote:I love how a top hat makes it a 'dandy' lion.

Incidentally, "Dandelion" comes from the French dent de lion, or "lion's tooth," in reference to the jagged leaves of the plant.


quality posts: 9 Private Messages psaux

Anyone else thinks this looks terrifyingly like it came out of the Voynich Manuscript? (I actually thought it was in reference to that when I clicked on the Shirt.Woot thumbnail from one of the other Woots.)



quality posts: 121 Private Messages spilzer

Clearly, it's time for a sing-a-long.


quality posts: 261 Private Messages richardhod

character on the right looks just like Stan Laurel.

So just in case, don't wear this while moving your furniture!


quality posts: 70 Private Messages collinvh

Bottom-line is, these are some nice lines!


quality posts: 42 Private Messages mattryan

My zombie bunny shirt will eat these wussy flowers for Thanksgiving!!!

What's up with all the feminine shirts as of late?


quality posts: 7 Private Messages xninjagrrl

Nice illustration but creme is a no go, recently got a creme shirt in my random shirt order and it's the worst material ever, thin and see-through.

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Cons: So was the tank.


quality posts: 50 Private Messages Jestik

Happy Thanksgiving w00ters!


quality posts: 71 Private Messages walmazan

Wow! Beutifull illustration!

Congrats on the print JIll

And happy thanksgiving everybody!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages wesball94

Lol I love how they slipped George Orwell's Animal Farm into the end of the description. Hahaha!


quality posts: 7 Private Messages wvutkep1002

i would love a shirt.woot in this color, but this design is a bit creepy and not really a good look for a guy...

I just keep buying more and more crap...


quality posts: 14 Private Messages sexylittlerobot

This is...fantastic! If the plants I mutated ever lived past the callus stage I imagine they'd look like this. :X Thanks for printing this...I know it might not be that popular but I adore it. I appreciate seeing something other than the kawaii desu from time to time (nttawwkd).


quality posts: 31 Private Messages specsmachine

I think all that acid I took in highschool is starting to catch up with me.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages jillustration

Yay! I'm so happy this is finally on a tee! Except, I live in Champaign, IL not Houston TX! Happy Thanksgiving all!


quality posts: 42 Private Messages citizencoyote

Nice artistic design with clean lines and good color. It's not something I could get away with wearing, but I know people who would love this.


quality posts: 283 Private Messages Spiritgreen

This is lovely work. An authentically antique illustration style, that's not something you see on shirts very often and yet it works so nicely.

Your dandy lions are especially cool.


quality posts: 23 Private Messages lucky1988

Congrats Jillustration! Lovely illustration and whimsical characters.