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omarfeliciano wrote:This derby is almost over and I just wanted to wish everyone good luck! Very happy to compete againts all these amazing designs in the Fog!

omarfeliciano wrote: (between the lines)And by congratulating each and every one of the other designs in the fog, I can have a thumbnail of my design appear in their comment threads. Mwaaa-ha-ha-ha-haaa!

Even a blind squirrel is right twice a day.


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Re: Bird Lover

I have looked at this design all week and it makes me smile everytime....the fact that even after the frustrating day I have had...looking at the cat's expression still made me smile



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really liked this one. colors look great


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omarfeliciano wrote:Thanks! I used Illustrator for some vectors, but I exported them to Photoshop and converted them to brush strokes. After that I pretty much used Photoshop for the rest of the process.

Hey can you tell me how you got it to not have gradients, how did you get that lined tonal value? I have been trying to figure it out for months. Can you help? One artist to another? Thank you very much ^^


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Re: Tree of Eternity

This was the only entry I really wanted... wish it had stayed in the fog. :^( Maybe woot will take pity on it anyway. It's so beautiful.


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Re: Coming alive (2.0)

Oh wow! this is beautiful!


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this shirt better be two or three. i would buy this in a heartbeat. Reminds of Avatar: The Last Airbender, my most favorite show.


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Re: Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

Love this! When can I buy one?

Pamela Hamlin


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reminded me of the robots in Fallout for some reason :\


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Re: Mariposa

I want to put this on the back of my phone.



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a skier would CAUSE an avalanche. You were correct in putting him in. He looks surprised and terrified and thrilled enough to be there...don't defend your art! You took the time to visualize the scene... don't let someone else (who can only criticize) take away from the picture you dreamed up!


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Re: Through the Forest

You should resubmit, this is a great desgin! Love the trees!


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Re: Mariposa

I really really wish this would have placed...If you sell it anywhere else let me know!

I ♥ WOOT!!!


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This design is better than the three that won IMO.


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Re: Who goes there

I really like this shirt. The owl is awesome!


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Re: kiss of death

So sad that didn't get to print.. Absolutely adored this shirt


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Re: Crow Jane



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That kitty is so adorable!


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I want to buy this one, too! Beautiful!


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Re: Majesty

I was really hoping this one would be made into a shirt. I would have bought this one in a heartbeat.


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Re: Haunted Robot

Agh! How did I miss this... and how did it not do better. Drat.


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Re: Bird Lover

Oh my goodness! I so wish I could order THIS shirt....any way we can all do a coup d'état and be like ummm...cmon woot, adorbs. make it go! ....anyone? ...please?


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Re: Painted Tyger

Its beautiful! Any chance we could still buy a shirt with this design on it?


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Re: Castle on a Cloud

I like the Rorschach-like quality of the image, as all the blues melt together. It looks almost like a bottle of ink spilled and the castle formed organically of its own accord.

Woot, I love the story you created for this one. I can see a whole novel springing from your tale and am mightily tempted to take this inspiration and run with it, seeing how far I can go and just writing the heck out of it! Bravo to the staff member who wrote the "shirt description." May I have your blessing to expand on it?


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Re: The Dream Of The Dolphin

Oh my word I love this shirt is it too late for you to enter it into a derby where shirts can try to win again?