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That's a clever owl, tricking his prey into constructing a hot air balloon to deliver themselves into his unsuspecting talons...


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Really gorgeous work, congrats Patrick!


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Four words: Van Allen radiation belt. Their mission is doomed.


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A really beautiful t-shirt. Congrats Patrick


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I'll see your respective SQUEES and raise you a D'AWWWWW...!

This is a beautiful shirt. I'm in for one, rodent fan that I am. <:3 )~~~


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Snagged after hours of deliberation... It reminds me so much of a storybook.


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First day sales: 1720


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Volunteer Moderator

Debut day: 1720

(3rd mouse shirt that I was first sucker on too. Narf!)

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A bit Late but caught the mousie! Luv the Shirt! Flying mice! Gonna wear it at "Sun N Fun" Lakeland Fl. Airshow next month! See Ya there!


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And this does not glow-in-the-dark because why??? ::headdesk::


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Shirt just arrived after a long wait. Although I loved the design, it doesn't work so well when worn The light in the basket eclipsed the mice too much such that it's hard to tell that there are mice there. I also wear a jacket over this in cooler weather it covers the cheesy moon. In a mirror, the most noticeably thing is that I'm wearing a hot air balloon... the mice and cheese gets lost unfortunately.


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Goodbye, dear mice. We hardly knew ye.