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The Pen and The Sword

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quality posts: 0 Private Messages byronicman2

The Pen is Mightier than the sword.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages larue

It is late and I have a dirty mind but bottom half the handle of the sword looks suggestive to me. Drippy isn't good.


quality posts: 68 Private Messages gertiestn

This is stunning in its minimalism and understatement. Bravo!


quality posts: 312 Private Messages chrisprender

A simple design, but so perfect. Well done, Darel Seow!

I also always love the occasional off-center print.


quality posts: 19 Private Messages dpcollects

My mind has gone to heck now! I read this as PEN IS mightier than the sword and well, my PG13 mind giggled a full 2 minutes...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages DannyDaemonic

This reminds me of Sword Poet, the mastery of the sword skill in Dungeons of Dredmor, which is described similarly:
The pen is said to be mightier than the sword, but a true warrior uses his sword AS a pen.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages LadyofRohan2995

Bulwer-Lytton is also responsible for making "It was a dark and storm night" (in)famous, hence the first sentence parody contest named after him: http://www.bulwer-lytton.com/.


quality posts: 602 Private Messages bluejester

Nice use of minimal colors, I also like the placement and the underlying idea of the design.

Shame so many people's minds go to the gutter over a minimalist design.


quality posts: 25 Private Messages jhgalvas

Very cool. Makes me want to read a book. ...Or write one!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages srhx

I'd love to purchase this design, as it is really quite nice in its message and simplicity of design, however as a woman with larger *ahem* bosoms, it's going to look really strange not centered. So unfortunately, I'm going to have to pass.


quality posts: 23 Private Messages lete

Real men level the playing field by resorting to fisticuffs.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages LBISurfer2

I like the idea of it a lot, but all I think of is that if the design was centered it looks like Lesnar's tattoo from a distance.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages floydie7

Perhaps this is because I haven't bought a shirt in a while but when did the price go up from $10 to $12 or is it because this shirt has something special that added another $2 to the production of the shirt?

(Not ranting, just curious.)


quality posts: 1 Private Messages ruthjhodsoll

No way... did woot prices go up? What's with the $12? I know, I know. I'm being overly cheap. The design rocks, and well worth it.... but I'm an addict at this point and promised myself I'd only buy woot rabbits and chemistry, so if I WERE going to break my rule, how can I possibly justify it for a $12 woot? Gotta think about tuition n@.... but damn, that's a nifty design!


quality posts: 64 Private Messages calebmitchell

This looks wicked awesome.


quality posts: 149 Private Messages Thirdbase9

So did Zorro use a pen or a sword to leave the Z on his foes?

I don't know.


quality posts: 602 Private Messages bluejester


quality posts: 9 Private Messages labrat0017

I am really into this design, But I am also worried about "boob bend". How will this look on a woman? I will have to think about it...


quality posts: 6 Private Messages theCan

The duality of this design is impressive! The sword takes life and breath with it's tip while the tip of the pen gives birth to ideas and free expression. These purposes are opposing, which is well reflected in the design.

I'm tempted to get this one actually....

lol; w00t


quality posts: 8 Private Messages KidKobun

Looks like it is going to be printed waaaaaaay too far over on the left side. And personally I feel a black shirt with gray or metallic silver ink would have looked a lot better in regards to contrast.


quality posts: 23 Private Messages lete

Don't worry about getting it dirty, it comes with ink and blood stains.


quality posts: 5 Private Messages zwartepaard

I usually like asymmetry on shirts, but the placement of this looks so far off to the side that I'm afraid, as a decently voluptuous lady, that this print would end up being armpit decoration...and I don't know that my armpits deserve such wonderfully minimalistic art.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages GeofC

That is f'in cool. If I weren't so fat, I'd swoop this up in a heartbeat. Since I am a fat basterd though, I'd like to think about this for a bit longer. Hey here's an idea, since you've increased the prices (not valentinettaing!), how about giving us an option on colors, at least? Then again, with this design, it would be difficult for the pen ink to show on a black shirt. Man, I've got a good buzz.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages michalc

The placement of the design in the upper left portion of the shirt is brave and daring (like the sword), yet sophisticated and elegant like the pen... Great shirt.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages dlo73099

BS pen mightier than sword but 50/50 bs


quality posts: 0 Private Messages dlo73099

To tell u the truth it would look better like the ninja shirt I'm wearing logo on back only exception front saying pen mightier than sword


quality posts: 0 Private Messages dlo73099

No little logo on upper left cheat with wr eath partially around it


quality posts: 0 Private Messages claranorth

I love the design because I'm a saber fencer and a writer, but I can't stand the placement. That placement never looks good on women.


quality posts: 5 Private Messages judehawthorne

I really wish my boobs wouldn't ruin this design. I feel that I should own it as both a writer and an avid sword-swinger in fantasy games. Too bad...


quality posts: 9 Private Messages smklung

Not trying to beat a dead horse or anything but if this shirt was $10 i would have ordered it immediately. $12 made me think about it then 2 hours later i decided i didn't want it as badly. Thanks for saving me some cash woot!


quality posts: 8 Private Messages zyxomma100

In response to the write up, Frederic Chopin fought with a baton in the video game Eternal Sonata and did quite well, actually.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages kimbahpnam

i would've bought it if the picture was upside down.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages nanaejt

Nice design but not a shirt for me.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages darel

Thanks for the love, everyone! I'm just really stoked to wake up to this! It's my first print here so I'm still reeling from the excitement!

In response to some of the issues raised, I'm glad there's some of you who like the side placement, sorry about that though girls! I initially mocked it up with the design in the centre and got the suggestion that moving it to the side would be better, which I do prefer but I didn't quite expect this! I hope it's not too far to the side though, the plans for it to be right over the heart.

Also, I guess I should have asked around for more feedback before sending it in, but I referenced an image of a real sword so someone out there has one that looks just as phallic. I tried a dark version, but man, reversing the colours meant that the ink was white and well, having said the above, it's a relief I didn't go with that.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages thisniss

Sorry to go all "idiom police" on you, Woot writers, but you should wear this shirt to a metonymical comparison contest.


quality posts: 10 Private Messages rossismyname

This is the 3rd shirt I would have purchased if it wasn't silver. I just can't see myself in a silver shirt.


quality posts: 20 Private Messages MWPollard

Where's Sean Connery when you need him?

(For those who don't get the joke, click here)

Wow - I woot!ed so much my sig can't contain it all! I couldn't even keep up with it - this list hasn't been updated in years!

My page: http://www.MichaelPollard.org


quality posts: 0 Private Messages juco77

This is hilarious, and I AM a fencing instructor!! I wonder if I can get away with wearing it to class...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Screndan

Pass. It looks like a T-shirt telling everyone I went to writing camp or something.