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Pirate (space)ship

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IMPORTANT: As the transition to the new shirts continues, you should always check the size charts prior to ordering your shirts. In addition, be sure to recheck the chart if you order again at a later date (i.e. from the Reckoning).

Thank you!


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Add two more and you've got a "Three Pirate Ship Moon" shirt.


quality posts: 186 Private Messages bpr2

I'm guessing that this shirt is the movie POSTER to the next pirates of the Caribbean movie entitled "Pirates of the Caribbean: Pirates from the Planet Mars"

(awesome art by the way!)


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Don’t wear this shirt: if your shivering your timbers. It’s a short sleeve shirt; it won’t keep you warm.

Ironically, the same sentence that correctly used a semicolon failed the your/you're test.


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Darn you, $12! I'm gonna get ya this time!
Aw shoot! It got away.


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What planet is that? Marrrrrrrs?


quality posts: 207 Private Messages zekecatz

The Diamond Ring effect is beautiful.


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Dang! All three shirts I voted for made it... good lineup this weekend!

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Unfortunately mens Anvil, would have bought otherwise.


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I want to sail away on this ship. Also it looks like if you steered this puppy into Neverland, Hook would soil his knickers... :D

While Im not surprised at any of the winners, I was so hoping to see Pi-rat. ;_; Im gonna be up to my ears in shaved apes that I have to eat. >_<;;;

Congrats, Omar!


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This reminds me a lot of Stardust and the PS2 role-playing game Rogue Galaxy. Coincidentally, those are one of my favorite movies and video games, so this shirt gets a big stamp of approval from me


quality posts: 716 Private Messages CowboyDann

I was worried there would already be a lot of Peter Pan comments. Glad to see I'm the first!

Off to Never Never Land!


quality posts: 17 Private Messages DavidHart

Love the design!!!

It reminds me of the spray paint paintings that I collect whenever I travel. My first solo travel trip was to Toronto in the late 90's and I ran across street artists doing futuristic spray paintings. I bought one and brought it home.

Now, every time I travel I seek out the spray paint artists and buy a new piece that reflects the spirit of that location. Some of my newer pieces are from San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Cancun. Next trips are to Paris and Italy.

I know that I've rambled on a bit, but this design reminds me of the spray paint art style and the fun that I have had traveling.


quality posts: 102 Private Messages tomcall

Treasure Planet reminder.


quality posts: 33 Private Messages meepee

Still searching for that ninja, I know it's somewhere in the design...

Congrats, Omar! Simply stunning halftones.


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This design seems like it should be printed and mounted on my wall. Very appealing to the eye, and it makes me wonder about what else is out there.

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I've got to admit this is a pimp design.


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jcflman wrote:I've got to admit this is a pimp design.

I haven't heard that phrase in quite a while.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages atgard

Very nice design … was ready to buy, but the triple-whammy of (1) increased price, (2) cheaper blanks not made in the USA, and (3) now being unsure how the shirt will fit made me decide not to pull the trigger.

Love the design, though. I tip my hat to the artist.

Here's some good stuff to read while waiting for a new Woot:


quality posts: 28 Private Messages Darquis

I heard omarfeliciano would shoot a policeman, and then steal his helmet. Then he'd go to the toilet in it. AND THEN send it to the policeman's grieving widow.

And then steal it again.

Just sayin


quality posts: 2 Private Messages papeluv

Does anyone else see Darth Vader staring at you? I have been up quite a while.. Nice shirt though.


quality posts: 186 Private Messages JadenKale

Skypirates? On my birthday? woo hoo!


quality posts: 7 Private Messages lisonallie

Kind of depressed I won't be buying anything in a pirate derby...I love pirates. I like this shirt too but not enough to buy it...I really wish Bassanimation's design had won : (.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages atomicow

Kind of Dot's Poetry Corner that it's not AA, but it's too dang pretty. Time to use my ThunderThighs Clue coupon.


quality posts: 21 Private Messages Stexe

Reminds me of Spelljammer. The D&D campaign setting where you travel between the stars in pirate ships.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages waldojim

In for one!

Oh wait, Anvil blanks. Nevermind then.

Props to the artist though.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages amreli

Congrats! So glad this printed!


quality posts: 15 Private Messages shlamele24

Second star to the right, straight on till morning.


quality posts: 46 Private Messages omarfeliciano

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's been a long but exciting weekend. Thanks to everyone that voted to made this possible. You guys rock!

BTW I love what Woot wrote for this shirt!

"...we tried to drop the anchor, and it didn’t drop at all, just floated there next to the ship."


quality posts: 0 Private Messages brittaniethekid

This reminds me of Stardust.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mrmightymyth

It's weird how this shirt and Ript Apparel's shirt are completely interchangeable. The ships have could literally switch places and it would be absolutely normal in context.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages bpshore

It has a PeterPan off to Never Never Land appeal. Well, really Captain Hook.


quality posts: 16 Private Messages wirdou

congrats Omar! such a beautiful design!:D:D


quality posts: 20 Private Messages elizalishly

Fantastic! Decided to take the gamble and buy it, even with rumors of new fits in the air. Reminded me of Treasure Planet, too. I love that movie.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages millymarchese

Can't complete my order!


quality posts: 46 Private Messages omarfeliciano

Can someone from the Staff take a look at this?

The Sales Preview link and the Full Stats aren't updating. They've been stuck for almost an hour.

I even tried to complete an order myself for a friend and once I hit Buy It, the order status gets stuck at "processing your order".

Did someone else had the same problem? Are any sales getting completed?

UPDATE Its working now! Thanks!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages nemomz23

Pirate Spaceship?

That's not Harlock's ship!


quality posts: 51 Private Messages fishbiscuit5

Congrats on the print, Omar!


quality posts: 3 Private Messages shilo9924

Reminds me of Spell Jammer.