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In for Darth Meow and Jabba The Fluff. Yes, my husband has a love for both cats and Star Wars...and I'm ok with it haha.


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tgentry wrote:Hey guys, sorry about this. We have our dev team on it.

Should be fixed.


quality posts: 31 Private Messages ochopika


tgentry wrote:Should be fixed.

Yes, it is! Thanks, guys


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Yup, it's official - I'm a Walmazan fan girl. And now a very happy, albeit poorer, fan girl.

And thank you woot for solving the "what to get the hubby for father's day" - he IS the snooze alarm champ!


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Castle on a Cloud should be on a poster.


quality posts: 36 Private Messages JRRB

I want both Darth Meow and Slow Morning, but I'm not sure whether to order the new WXL, for the hope at a snug and flattering fit, or play it safe and order M2XL, for loose and comfy but not necessarily flattering. If they had W2XL, that would be a sure thing....


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Congrats on the prints y'all!


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It's the CBI/CIT of shirt sales!


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There are at least five shirts, including some from this collection, that I have passed over recently because of the new shirt blanks. The old WL fit me perfectly. I could get the new MS (comparable in width and length to the old WL), but then the sleeves aren't cut the way I like them. I realize most of the customers are buying men's sizes, and I've read the reasons for switching to the new blanks, but, wow, this sucks, majorly.


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What no Ring around the Rosies?



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The cute aliens one reminds me of Tribbles...

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Knowing that woot is switching some to Anvil makes me sad. I've always hated Anvil shirts, much prefer AA.


killerorca wrote:Please be sure to check the sizing charts everyone, here is a current list of everything on the new Anvil shirts:

1974: It's Alive! - All sizes
Apocalyptus - All sizes
Average person Award - Kids sizes
Darth Meow - All sizes
Finally caught it - All sizes
Huddle in a Flurry - Kids sizes
Hugs and Kisses - All sizes
Jabba the fluff - All sizes
Never trust cute aliens - kids sizes
No squares allowed - All sizes
Of Monsters and RPGs - All sizes
Rock and Roleplay - All Sizes
Slow morning - All sizes
Snooze Button Champion - All sizes


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no King Kitty? no buyee. hrmph.

oops, pardon me, i wooted


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Re: the writeup for 1974: It's Alive!
It's been done. Sorta.

/edit - Just made my first purchase on the new blanks. We'll see...


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Just to say, I received my first women's Anvil tee and don't care for it. It flares at the hip which is probably great for some but not for me. I am going to try a mens size next time. By the way, the 3 blank AA tees I got were not the same as the printed shirts. So maybe things would still be different if Woot were still using AA.


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I seem to have an error. When I look at the page, I fail to see the yellow goldfish shirt. You should fix that.


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I disappointed no Robbie Lee Kraken


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Just found out about this, and it's kind of awesome. I was so sad to have missed out on the flurry, but lo and behold! Such sweetness - and that shirt is AA, too! How great!

Woot should totally do this for some older derbies. I still want that how-Mickey-Mouse-was-created shirt that got fourth by one vote, haha.

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So for next week, how about some Eatser Bunny? I ordered it for my sister when it was available, but got sent the wrong shirt. Been on the hunt for it ever since then!


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Volunteer Moderator

Closing numbers for the event:

1. 1974: It’s Alive! - Sold 133
2. Apocalyptus! - Sold 145
3. Average Person Award - Sold 122
4. Castle on a Cloud - Sold 197
5. Darth Meow - Sold 514
6. Finally Caught It - Sold 83
7. Huddle In A Flurry - Sold 138
8. Hugs and Kisses - Sold 113
9. Jabba the Fluff - Sold 225
10. Never Trust Cute Aliens - Sold 79
11. No Squares Allowed - Sold 67
12. Of Monsters and RPGs - Sold 87
13. Out of the Blue - Sold 71
14. Rock and Roleplay - Sold 66
15. Slow Morning - Sold 268
16. Snooze Button Champion - Sold 105

No.1 rule of online apparel purchases: SIZING CHARTS! Unsure between standard and premium options at shirt.woot? Read more about their differences here.

Like (or dislike) what you see at shirt.woot? Choose what prints at shirt.woot! Vote in the derby!

- Note: I am not staff. If you need help with your purchases, contact Support.


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I received my Jabba the Fluff and Slow Morning today!

They look so great Thanks Ochopika!


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rogue8402 wrote:I received my Jabba the Fluff and Slow Morning today!

They look so great Thanks Ochopika!

Thank YOU! Also, thanks to woot for their excellent printing skillz