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In for Darth Meow and Jabba The Fluff. Yes, my husband has a love for both cats and Star Wars...and I'm ok with it haha.


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tgentry wrote:Hey guys, sorry about this. We have our dev team on it.

Should be fixed.


quality posts: 28 Private Messages ochopika


tgentry wrote:Should be fixed.

Yes, it is! Thanks, guys


quality posts: 16 Private Messages calanthium

Yup, it's official - I'm a Walmazan fan girl. And now a very happy, albeit poorer, fan girl.

And thank you woot for solving the "what to get the hubby for father's day" - he IS the snooze alarm champ!


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Castle on a Cloud should be on a poster.


quality posts: 34 Private Messages JRRB

I want both Darth Meow and Slow Morning, but I'm not sure whether to order the new WXL, for the hope at a snug and flattering fit, or play it safe and order M2XL, for loose and comfy but not necessarily flattering. If they had W2XL, that would be a sure thing....


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Congrats on the prints y'all!



quality posts: 6 Private Messages cmillard1

It's the CBI/CIT of shirt sales!


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There are at least five shirts, including some from this collection, that I have passed over recently because of the new shirt blanks. The old WL fit me perfectly. I could get the new MS (comparable in width and length to the old WL), but then the sleeves aren't cut the way I like them. I realize most of the customers are buying men's sizes, and I've read the reasons for switching to the new blanks, but, wow, this sucks, majorly.


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What no Ring around the Rosies?



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The cute aliens one reminds me of Tribbles...

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Knowing that woot is switching some to Anvil makes me sad. I've always hated Anvil shirts, much prefer AA.


killerorca wrote:Please be sure to check the sizing charts everyone, here is a current list of everything on the new Anvil shirts:

1974: It's Alive! - All sizes
Apocalyptus - All sizes
Average person Award - Kids sizes
Darth Meow - All sizes
Finally caught it - All sizes
Huddle in a Flurry - Kids sizes
Hugs and Kisses - All sizes
Jabba the fluff - All sizes
Never trust cute aliens - kids sizes
No squares allowed - All sizes
Of Monsters and RPGs - All sizes
Rock and Roleplay - All Sizes
Slow morning - All sizes
Snooze Button Champion - All sizes


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no King Kitty? no buyee. hrmph.

oops, pardon me, i wooted


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Re: the writeup for 1974: It's Alive!
It's been done. Sorta.

/edit - Just made my first purchase on the new blanks. We'll see...


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Just to say, I received my first women's Anvil tee and don't care for it. It flares at the hip which is probably great for some but not for me. I am going to try a mens size next time. By the way, the 3 blank AA tees I got were not the same as the printed shirts. So maybe things would still be different if Woot were still using AA.


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I seem to have an error. When I look at the page, I fail to see the yellow goldfish shirt. You should fix that.


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I disappointed no Robbie Lee Kraken


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Just found out about this, and it's kind of awesome. I was so sad to have missed out on the flurry, but lo and behold! Such sweetness - and that shirt is AA, too! How great!

Woot should totally do this for some older derbies. I still want that how-Mickey-Mouse-was-created shirt that got fourth by one vote, haha.

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So for next week, how about some Eatser Bunny? I ordered it for my sister when it was available, but got sent the wrong shirt. Been on the hunt for it ever since then!


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Closing numbers for the event:

1. 1974: It’s Alive! - Sold 133
2. Apocalyptus! - Sold 145
3. Average Person Award - Sold 122
4. Castle on a Cloud - Sold 197
5. Darth Meow - Sold 514
6. Finally Caught It - Sold 83
7. Huddle In A Flurry - Sold 138
8. Hugs and Kisses - Sold 113
9. Jabba the Fluff - Sold 225
10. Never Trust Cute Aliens - Sold 79
11. No Squares Allowed - Sold 67
12. Of Monsters and RPGs - Sold 87
13. Out of the Blue - Sold 71
14. Rock and Roleplay - Sold 66
15. Slow Morning - Sold 268
16. Snooze Button Champion - Sold 105


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I received my Jabba the Fluff and Slow Morning today!

They look so great Thanks Ochopika!


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rogue8402 wrote:I received my Jabba the Fluff and Slow Morning today!

They look so great Thanks Ochopika!

Thank YOU! Also, thanks to woot for their excellent printing skillz