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Like everyone else here i am terribly disappointed with the anvil blanks. Lesser quality fabric and the neck hole is HUGE after one wash. I washed it again and let it dry flat with no change. I am washing it AGAIN in warm water with lay to dry to see if that makes a difference....but i doubt it :-( I'm sorry woot but I won't be buying any more anvil shirts. Since you have made the change you have lost yet another customer.


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This first time buyer wants his shirt!!!


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KidKobun wrote:Not to thread crap or anything, but wouldn't it be dangerous to take the ring? And why is there mushroom...and he has key in the A slot, but it says he doesn't have any keys...what? And why not have a Sauron icon on the mini-map? I don't know...seems a little effortless IMO.

It's because the image is based on an actual LoTR game from waaay back and not the movies.


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PLEASE MAKE THIS SHIRT AGAIN. I (thought that I) purchased 2 of these bad boys when it was a part of the Reckoning, but I guess my order didn't go through. And I am heartbroken.


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Will this ever be available again?


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wickedpt wrote:Will this ever be available again?

Keep checking the weekly Plus sales. You never know.

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