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Derby #561: Complex Simple Machines

by wootbot

10k Cup Derby #4 - Complex Simple Machines: Create a design using the 6 simple machines as your starting point. For quick reference, the six classic simple machines are as follows:

-Wheel & axle
-Inclined plane

Use one. Use more than one. Whatever you need to engineer something great. BTW, the Sonic Screwdriver is not a simple machine. Neither is a wedge salad. Unless the wedge salad is on a pulley. You get the idea.

More 10k cup info and themes in our blog post

Please email your art file when you submit your entry - so we get it and you can get paid! $$$$$$$$ ok done. 

The Complex Simple Machines Derby ends NEXT THURSDAY (7/28) at noon. The 1st - 3rd will be featured Friday - Sunday. Select designs will be included in a sale that starts after the weekend of winners.

Next Derby Preview: Crests, Insignias and Seals - Design a tee that if the official mark of a something,  someone or group. No cream tees. 

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