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Derby #464: Robots

by wootbot

Robots - Beep Boop Zap Pow.  Design a tee about robots. No cream tees. It can use 1 metallic ink  if it makes sense, but that is not required. 


The Robots Derby ends on Thursday at noon. 1st-3rd will be featured Friday-Sunday. Select designs will be included in a sale that starts after the weekend.  And Robbie 'robot' Lee will be a guest editor selecting 5 designs to be included in the honorable mention sale. The 5 Robbie Lee picked designs will get a copy of his new book "Perspective Made Easy"



Next Derby Preview: Dogs - Design a tee about the most famous of best friends. Derby launches on Thursday at noon.  No cream tees.

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Derby #463: Schematrics

by wootbot

Schematics - Design a tee that is technical or mechanical. It could be simple instruction or a complex technical schematic of a reactor. No cream tees.


The Schematics Derby ends on Monday at noon. 1st-3rd and select designs will be included in a sale that starts next week on 8/10.



Next Derby Preview: Robots - Beep Boop Zap Pow.  Starts Monday at noon.

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