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Derby #596: Holy Ship(ping Bags)!

by wootbot

Holy Ship(ping Bags)!​

Have you ever ordered a shirt from us? You know that fancy lil’ bag that keeps it safe and sound from all the gross stuff it encounters on its journey to you? Well, those bags didn't just materialize out of nowhere; they were designed. And we figure it's time for you guys to help us give ‘em an update. So go nuts with your designs, but know this:

  • All submissions must use our bag template in AIEPS, or PSD format.
  • Designs can only use THREE ink colors: black, Shirt.Woot blue, and Shirt.Woot yellow.
  • The bag must be white.
  • Designs must incorporate our 'exclamation-point-in-a-circle' mark (included in each template). The exclamation point must remain white, but the solid colored circle around it can be black, blue or yellow. It can be scaled to fit your design, but cannot be stretched, skewed, or otherwise altered.
  • Do not include text in your design (except for our exclamation-point, obvs). 
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place artists will receive a flat fee of $1000 but no commissions, and will be credited by name on the printed bags. (We'll add this. Don't put your name in the design).
  • Design Theme? Whatever you want! It doesn't need to be about Shirt.Woot. As long as it follows the rules and includes our mark, it's eligible. 
  • We reserve the right to reject anything that doesn't meet our standards or that reflects on our company in ways we don't like, so don't get all butt-hurt about it.

Pay close attention to the Terms & Conditions when submitting: we will own your winning design forever. If you don't like that, don't submit.

Please email your art file when you submit your entry so we get it and you can get paid! $$$$$$$$ ok done. 

This Derby ends NEXT THURSDAY at noon. 

Next week's Derby preview - Spring Sprang Sprung:  What in carnation? Spring has Sprung! So lettuce leaf winter behind and celebrate warmer days and allergies by having every bunny design spring tees! But seriously, let’s not ALL submit flowers and rabbits? Bee brave. Branch out. But no cream tees, peas. Thanks a melon, everyone!​


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The Community Choice Derby Cometh, but not yet.

by wootbot

Hark! The Community Choice Derby approacheth, but vile & loathsome technical gremlins doth beset its journey thither. But fear not, dear friends. Our valiant computer wizards do fight like dragons against them, with bold, clear brows and many mighty clicks and typings.  Stay tuned, oh faithful followers, for The Derby shall arrive tomorrow morning.  

(In other words, we’re having a few technical difficulties with the Community Choice Derby. But it should all be sorted by tomorrow morning. We’ll keep you posted.)

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