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Derby #444: Black, White and One Other Color

by wootbot

It's three colors, how hard can it be.  You get one color and then black and white. Sure,  the black or white could be the tee, or it could be ink, or it could be all black and white with a tiny hit of another color. The possibilities are endle…painfully limited.  No Creme Tees.

Next Derby Preview:  Cook Outs - Aprons or Tees. Starts 5/28 at Noon.

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Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #442: Sloths, Otters, Pugs and Chinchillas

by wootbot

Derby #442: Sloths, Otters, Pugs and Chinchillas closed for voting at noon today. One of these designs will go on sale as our First Place selection on Friday - the rest could be selected by our Editors to print or just go down in near-miss history. Click on each picture below to see that entry's page, with a fuller view of the design. The final nine, in no particular order...

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Derby #443: Low Poly Art

by wootbot

It's not minimalism. It's not cubist. It's not 8-bit. It's not delivery. It's not a car dealership. It's not scabies. It's not politics. It's not Tupperware. It's not celery. It's not nuclear winter. It's not sweat. It's not the dog.

It's Low Poly! No Creme Tees.

Next Derby Preview:  Black, White & One Other Color Designs. Starts 5/25 at Noon.

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