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Derby #409: Mugs

by wootbot

Design the best coffee, tea, or hot cocoa mug ever! Or just a pretty good one. Your choice. Top 3 vote getters get $200 plus we'll hand pick honorable mentions to also appear in an upcoming mug sale.


  • No Halftones
  • Available mug colors are Black, White, Brown, Red, Royal, Navy, Forest Green, Yellow (See files below for reference swatches)
  • 5 Color limit
  • Your print art file should be 6" x 6" @ 300 DPI (we will scale and prep for printing on the mug)

Here are some files to help you create your mockup image for voting. You don't need to include the mug image in your print file, just on the voting mockup...


Bonus Preview: Derby #410: Pop-Culture Kawaii! Launches Monday at Noon. Take your favorite pop-culture and cute it up! No creme tees. Top 3 vote-getters get $1000!

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Derby #408: Grammar

by wootbot

You know what we like to say: Nothing's as gratifying as the adrenaline rush associated with grammatical pedantry. Take a break from saving lives and design a grammary shirt. USAGE BE DAMNED.

No creme tees about.

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