10 Other Things

by wootbot

Hamming It Up

"Slow down for a second, Cody." 

"You OK?"

"Not sure. I'm feeling a little off. Maybe it was that series of armed men who attacked us while we roamed the city streets." 

"Could be." 

"Yeah, man, I feel like I'm running at about 20% right now." 

"Eat that ham!" 

"Which ham?" 

"The one over there, sitting on a silver platter by that graffiti-covered dumpster."


"What? It will make you feel better?" 

"Eating an entire ham off the ground will make me feel better? I'm not sure if it's a blood-sugar issue, exactly. I think it is more of an internal-bleeding issue." 

"Believe me, bro, you gotta eat that ham." 

"OK, well -- SCARF SCARF SCARF -- oh man you're right! What a ham!"