20,000 Leagues Above the Cretaceous

by wootbot

Don't Be That Guy

Sometimes you have to confront a factual inaccuracy and let it slide. 

Don't be one of those people who points out that pterodactyls were actually extinct well before the Cretaceous Period. Just don't do it. We know that you're feeling the itch to prove your superior dinosaur knowledge over the rest of the Shirt.Wooters, but we're going to preempt you on this one.

OK, OK, and don't point out that pterodactyls are not, in fact, dinosaurs. You're right, but mentioning this does nothing to improve the overall condition of humankind. For one thing, nobody cares, and for another thing…nobody cares.

Oh no. By pointing these things out ourselves, are we that guy? Have we become, by fighting against it, the very thing we hated?