by wootbot

Those eyes

Diesel sweeties + Wil Wheaton = one creepy shirt! 

Neither Gilbert (Gil for short) nor his twin sister Silvia (Sil for short) remembered buying the cartridge, and they would have, considering its strange shape like a flattened tent. Still, it fit into their Nintendo without any difficulty. 

Its name: "The Big Top."

"Well, let's play it," said Gil. "Maybe it's good."

Sil agreed and hit the power button. The screen lit up bright white and remained that way for almost a whole minute. 

"It's busted," Gil said.

"I'll blow it out," Sil said. She reached to eject the cartridge, but just then, something appeared on the screen: a clown's face. Its mouth began in a friendly grin. Slowly, though, it lowered into a frown, and as it did, the clown's eyebrows slanted downward until the face appeared menacing and angry. The background grew dark gray and then red and the television's speakers sounded out with high-pitched laughter. 

Gil hit the Nintendo's power button and the screen fizzled quickly to nothing. He ejected the cartridge and laid it on the floor, and he and Sil stamped on it until it was little more than a pile of debris. 

But it was already too late. Over the coming weeks, Gil and Sil would notice series of strange changes around them. The walls of their house would become soft like fabric. Their mother's chin would erupt, seemingly in an instant, with a beard. Their father's skin would grow over with scales. 

The twins would huddle together, fearful of these transformations occurring around them, only to find, upon attempting to release each other, that they no longer possessed two separate bodies.