90's Zombies

by wootbot

The Lost Son

2nd place in Derby #287: The '90s, Editor's choice.

I was thinking tonight, maybe we could try that new Wine Bar?

"Yeah, sure... I guess..."

Tom, what's wrong? You've been acting weird all day.

"Oh, it's, well... Lisa, I have a confession to make. I, I... I have a son!"

What?! We've been together for three years and you tell me this now?

"Look, I just found out too, okay? Or more accurately, I just remembered."

You forgot about your son?!

"I was young and reckless! I made a mistake! But I'm different now. I'm an adult. I want to embrace my responsibility as a father. And I want you there by my side."

Jeez, Tom, That's a lot to ask. But I love you, so yes. I'll be the mother of your son. What's our boy's name?

"He goes by Tam. But his full name is Tamagotchi."