A Minor Setback

by wootbot


1st Place in Derby #349: Leisure & Playground Sports, with 253 votes!

"What… what happened?" Heinrich asked, rubbing his head.

"You had a little spill," said Terrance.

"Yes, yes. You slipped and bumped your head," said Marlow.

"No foul play," added Terrance.

"None at all," agreed Marlow. 

"Well, jeez, thanks for taking care of me," Heinrich said.

"No, no, don't mention it," said Terrance, looking away ashamed. 

"Man, my head really hurts," said Heinrich. 

"Sit down," said Marlow, "I'll get you some ice."

"Ice?" said Heinrich. "Why did I flinch when you said ice?" 

"No idea," blurted Terrance.

"Yes, that's very odd," said Marlow.