A Separate Peace

by wootbot

Little Do They Know!

1st Place in Derby #297: Double-Take Derby 20, with 232 votes!

All day, I walk around wearing a shirt that is positively covered with positive words and sayings. And people, they see it and they think, "Hey, that Todd is a real positive guy." But little do they know what lies beneath. That's right! When I'm alone and in the dark (which is often), the true message comes out! 

Like, take Rita for example. Just today, she said, "Hey Todd! Nice shirt!" And I said, "Thanks Rita!" Ha! She had NO IDEA! And she never will! Because I won't tell her! She'll live her life thinking of my shirt as something nice, blissfully unaware of its secret message! Unless we're in a room and the power goes out! And even then, I might be wearing a different shirt! What I'm getting at is there's a very low probability that Rita will ever find out that my shirt of positive words and phrases has an undercurrent of negativity!

Another thing she'll never find out: that I love her and that I always will.