A Strange Country

by wootbot


And now, for a really dumb conversation! 

Hey, who do you think would win in a battle of all the Kongs? 

"Donkey, for sure. Unrelenting, level after level. King just doesn't have the stamina."

What about Hong Kong?

"Depends? Are we saying the city itself is a beast that could fight? Because giant gorillas love climbing buildings, and if the buildings fought back, that'd really hurt their game."

I was thinking more the entire population of Hong Kong versus one of the other Kongs.

"That's a tough one. Like, all it takes is one person to give a killer pep talk, but I still don't know. They would need to be super organized."

You know who gets my pick? Those bulbous Kong dog toys! 

"How would that work?"

Just fill it up with gorilla food and leave it out. Total choking hazard for an animal that big. Plus, they're really durable.

"Well, this has been a great little chat, but we better get back to work. After all, this brain surgery's not going to do itself!"