A Sweet Ending

by wootbot

Buttered up!

Not a reference to Terminator, I think.

The Wicked Witch Buttersworth is dead! All hail Dorothy.

"Thanks guys. Hey, maybe this is weird, but I was wondering… never mind."

No, Dorothy! What is it? You have slain the Wicked Witch Buttersworth! Anything for you!

"Well, I was wondering if you guys could get a few jars and gather up some of this puddle of witch melt for me to take home."

Wait, what?

"I mean, it just seems like a bit of a waste, you know? Just leaving it here? You guys were probably going to just mop it up and toss it anyway, right?"

Yes, but what would you possibly want with that?

"I come from a family where we're really into sustainability. Like, we use the whole witch."

But that's what we're asking. What would you 'use' the witch melt for?

"Oh, I'm sorry! Did I just defeat the Wicked Witch Buttersworth or the Wicked Witch of Asking Me Ten Thousand Friggin' Questions?" 

Fine. Someone get some jars.