A Trap!

by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #318: Office Life, with 155 votes!

What you're seeing here is two different things. No, don't worry! Your eyes aren't messed up! There is only one picture, but within it, there are two different references.

The first reference is to a character from a science fiction movie or TV show - I forget which. That would be the guy who's sitting there. No, he's not a human guy. I use guy to describe him kind of like I use guy when I'm talking about my dog. Anyway, that guy is always talking about traps. Not like the kind that you use to catch animals - like animals other than my dog - but traps that people - or space people - get caught in.

The other reference is the stapler in jello. That reference is from a show - this time I'm sure - that is available in either British or American versions. The British version came first, but I prefer the American, because the people don't talk with as many funny accents, so it's easier to follow. Anyway, in that show, someone puts a stapler in jello, but with no intention of eating the jello or the stapler. It's a prank, which is something mean people do to be comedic.

And so now you know what this shirt is about!