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by wootbot

'Tis Past The Season

Oh crap, we never gave you a Christmas present? Ummmm... 

We always run behind on our Christmas presents, and we're just getting around to distributing ours now. Sorry about that -- please don't take it personally -- but we've got a couple great gifts for you that hopefully make up for their tardiness with quality. 

Now, they're not normal "gifts" like a book or high-quality t-shirt or something. Instead we put together a playlist that makes us think of you. It's like a mixed tape make specially for you! 

Now, we know you're a big fan of that dinosaur movie so the first song is a special cover of the theme. Beautiful, right? We also know you're a big fan of technology, robots, and that sort of thing, so we included this special version of your favorite Daft Punk song

And finally, it's everybody's favorite song to hate from 2013 -- but you've never heard it like this before! Enjoy.