Always Accurate

by wootbot

Deep Space Clime

In space movies, nobody can hear your screams to turn down the AC

"Excuse me, do you work here?" 

"Yeah, what's up dude?" 

"I'm watching 'Space School' in theater 7, and it is way too cold in there. We're all wearing t-shirts and tank tops, and it actually feels like we're going to freeze." 

"Oh yeah, we're showing 'Space School' in 4D." 


"Yeah. If you ask me it's a bit misleading, because time is a dimension in all experiences, so all 3D movies should actually be 4D. Anyway, the fourth 'dimension' in this case is heat, or lack thereof." 

"You mean it's intentional." 

"Yeah, well, it's meant to really immerse you in the movie to experience the temperature inside the scene. You should really watch 'Full Metal Jacket' in 4D -- it'll blow your mind." 

"It feels like it's zero degrees in there, though." 


"What? No." 

"Oh, then something's wrong with our AC. We got some guys for Cal Tech to install it, and it's supposed to be able to get down to absolute zero, since that's the temperature in deep space."

"Are you serious?" 

"Oh yeah, looks like Zed switched it from Kelvin to Fahrenheit. No wonder it was so warm." 

"That's not my issue." 

"OK, I switched it back. All the energy should be removed from the theater by…now." 

"My family was in there." 

"Sorry, bra."