Always Watching

by wootbot


Look for the eyes! 

Well, you see, there are faces everywhere if you look for them! Like outlets have faces in them! And also the knobs on the kitchen cabinets have faces in them if you look right! Or the clouds! Or just on your shoes! 

And some security camera look like they have eyes! Big fiery eyes that burn right down to your soul! And they look at you, even when your bad is turned, especially when your back is turned!

And some things whisper to you! Like flowers! Or vinyl records or the earrings that are behind glass at the jewelry counter! You have to lean in real close to hear them! And then they'll tell you stuff to do! Like, for example, maybe they need you to steal a bunch of boxer-briefs and start a fire on the sidewalk! And then stand there with it until it's all burnt out!

Now, do you understand why I can't come with you this very moment, officer?