Anyone Out There?

by wootbot

Welcome to ochopika day on Shirt.Woot!

We let one of our favorite artists run the site for a day, and jeez was it tough to teach her HTML

A few weeks ago we held an In-Real-Life Derby at our Seattle party and ochopika won! Her mind-blowing design garnered the loudest screams and earned her stewardship of Shirt.Woot for a day (today!) 

That's right -- you can find ocho's fingerprints all over the site today. Today's design is hers, this sale features her all-time faves (and a few extras from the party), she brainstormed this week's Derby theme (Epic Fantasy), and even authored this write-up! Wouldn't you agree that ochopika is the most intelligent and attractive artist on the planet??

Just kidding -- this is still the Shirt.Woot team, but we would like to take this opportunity to give Ms. Pika a big round of applause, and ask that she please clean the carpet before she hands the site back over to us. Otherwise we'll keep the deposit.