Assembly Required

by wootbot

Flyin' High

1st Place in Derby #359: Metamorphosis, with 233 votes!

The caterpillar goes into the cocoon and emerges some time* later as beautiful butterfly.

*During this time, the caterpillar must do a few things, such as:

  1. Graduate from a top engineering school
  2. Attend a painting seminar
  3. Watch all episodes of the televisions series Wings
  4. Listen to all albums by the the band Wings
  5. Complete the Flamin' Hot Wings Challenge as offered by Willy's Wing Hut in Bethesda, Maryland
  6. Compose a punk rock cover of Seal's Fly Like an Eagle, subbing out word "eagle" for "butterfly"
  7. Conquer fear of heights 
  8. Receive a PhD in Floriculture
  9. Perfect a Muhamid Ali impression
  10. Sit-ups, lots and lots of sit-ups