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by wootbot

Are You Guys Watching...

Play the latest party game sensation that's sweeping the nation: Sit Around And List Television Shows You Are All Watching! 

Don't be daunted by the title, the rules of SAALTSYAAW are simple. 

  1. Sit around with your "friends" until the conversation lapses uncomfortably. 
  2. The "First Player" asks the question "Are you guys watching SHOW?" 
  3. If that player names a show that is not a high-production AMC or HBO series, they are immediately "out." 
  4. The remaining players answer affirmatively if they are watching the show and negatively if they have not. 
  5. Players discuss the relative merits of the show
  6. Players discuss the point at which the show "got worse." The player who suggests the earliest point in the series wins this round. 
  7. The turn moves to the next player, who starts at (2)
  8. Once all appropriate shows have been listed, the game is over.

It's fun for everyone under 40 with a liberal arts education and access to cable or an online streaming equivalent!