Barf Side of the Moon

by wootbot

Prismatic Spray

Shouldn't have ordered the clams casino...

Schopenhauer said, "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." And nothing could better describe the remarkable work of Sir Isaac Newton 

For instance, before Newton it was believed that the colors of light emitted from a prism were products of the prism itself. Newton tested this in what, in retrospect, is the simplest way imaginable: He passed one of the colors emitted from one prism through (another) prism, and showed that no more colors were "created." Therefore, the colors were constituent of the light itself. 

It is this kind of "obvious in retrospect" thinking that makes Newton not only a -- hold on. Nnnnnghhhhuhhhh. Sorry. We don't feel well all of a sudden. Our stomach feels like -- oh God. 

What did we eat last night? Clams? Was it clams? How long does food poisoning take to kick in, because…BBBBLLLLLLLLLARRRRRRGGGGGG