Be Positive

by wootbot

Bright Side

Get happy, y'all!

There was something about Craig that really bugged Donny. It was how smiley and happy he always seemed, walking around with all his bright colors displayed right there on his forehead. 

Nobody else seemed to care. They would just say it was Donny's dark nature to take issue with someone's niceness. After all, Donny walked around frowning all the time, wearing nothing but negative images of negative scenes. He thought of himself as gleefully morbid, or maybe just "realistic." To him, it was silly to walk around the way Craig did, giving people pep talks and handing out lemonades. And not from concentrate either. He made pitchers of real homemade lemonade out of organic lemons and carried those around, filling up cups for everyone and not asking for anything in return. It just really, really bugged Donny. It felt so… disingenuous.

But maybe this was all from that one night. Donny's building was just across the street from Craig's and they could see each other through their living room windows. Well, one night, late at night, Donny got out of bed for a glass of water and saw Craig's lights were on. There, in the middle of his living room stood a tall figure. He or she - Donny couldn't tell - was holding Craig up in the air and shaking him vigorously. And Craig seemed to be… enjoying it?

Ever since then, Donny had a hard time stomaching Craig's wholesome happiness.