Bell Curve Summiteer

by wootbot

Graff Laffs

You love math, you love jokes, you'll love this! 

The jokes of Rusty Sparks, graph comedian:

"Heya folks, it's great to be here. Now, you all know them graphs that start off low and then get higher and higher, quicker and quicker? Yeah, a lot of people call em exponential graphs. Well, I gotsa different name for em! I call them going-up graphs 'The Opposite Of My Bank Account When I Give My Wife My Credit Card At The Shoe Store!' Hey, yuk yuk. Shoes, right?"

"Aww, geez, folks! I was a wearing my bell curve shirt out running the other day. Made it two blocks, covered in sweat. I'm talkin' drenched! So's I get back to the house and I says to my wife, 'can you clean this?' and she takes it, holds it over the faucet, wrings it out, and says, 'CLEAN!' What can I say, she really wrings my bell, eh? Let's give it up for exercise!"

"I tell you, folks, I was feelin' down on my luck after the divorce, and so I looks at the sky and says, 'Hey, how about a sign?' And right there in front of me one appears. It's a line, and it's long and wavy, and I looks back at the sky and I says, 'I said SIGN, not SINE!' Do you get it? It's a different spelling! Hey, that's my time! Thanks to the Laugh Hole for havin' me!"