Better Together

by wootbot

Not Even Opposites

Some stuff doesn't mix.

Everyone's always talking about how this goes well with that or how it's dangerous to mix that with this. But what about stuff that isn't great or terrible together? Who's going to tell us about that stuff? WE ARE! Introducing the Shirt.Woot-sponsored Definitive List of Stuff That Just Doesn't Really Go Together:

  • Peanut butter and bolts
  • Lamps and disease
  • Birch trees and loneliness
  • Picture books and muddy boots
  • Stick shift cars and feelings of arousal 
  • Calories and guitars
  • Photos of crickets and air travel
  • Pins and brick walls
  • Pancake batter and cowboy hats
  • Ball point pens and butterflies

That's it. There are just 10 combinations of things that don't really work together in anyway. Yeah, we were surprised too!