by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #326: Double-Take Derby 22, with 208 votes!

My name's Edward, I'm a pro scientist, and I'm here to point out the many scientific inaccuracies of this design.

First of all, a dragon would be huge in real life whereas this dragon is so small it can fit on your chest. You know what you'd say if there were a dragon on your chest? Nothing. Because you'd be dead. The moral here is that if you see a dragon, you should cross your arms and roll over onto your side so it doesn't get on your chest and make you die.

Second, dragons are half-lizard, half-bird and so they wouldn't be made out of words. They'd be made out of feathers, bones, and tiny dragon circles which are sometimes referred to as scales. The scales on dragons and lizards are not like the scales in bathrooms. They're more like glitter and they never make you feel bad about what you ate.

Third, this dragon's words are poetic. Dragons in real life wouldn't be poetic at all. If you were a poetry professor and you had a dragon in your poetry class, you'd be like, who keeps writing these poem that just say, "Grunt/ Grunt/ Grunt/ Fire/ Roar"? And the dragon would raise his hand proudly and you'd sigh and hang your head in shame and think you'd failed your students, but it wouldn't be your fault because dragons just don't get it! 

Of course, that's assuming that a dragon could even hold a pen or type on a computer well enough to hand in any work, which is another thing that is scientifically unlikely. In conclusion, the science doesn't check out here. 

Thank you for your time.

Pro Scientist